Friday, October 12, 2012

Wedding Bliss

The big reason I went back to Texas in the first place was because a dear sweet friend of mine was getting married. Finally, after her waiting and waiting for months..... years the time had come for her & her love to say their "I DO's". A few months back, around mid summer she asked me to be a bridesmaid in her wedding. I simply couldn't say no, I wanted to be there for her in any way I could. So jump ahead to today, two days before I flew out to Miami was the wedding. (talk about a close call) The wedding took place at Lost Oak Winery in Burleson, TX. A perfect fitting for K, since she is such a wine lover. It was a beautiful fall day, the weather was just perfect not to hot and not cold at all. Going into this I knew I wouldn't know any of the other bridesmaids. (well I knew one, but not very well) So that made things a little harder for me, seeings I'm the quite shy one till I get to know you really well. K was absolutely beautiful, her dress was stunning the veil was perfect and she had the biggest smile on her face all day long. Of course as any bride would. All 9 of us plus a few little people had this tiny little room to get ready in together. It was quite the chore maneuvering around and not stepping on the brides dress or messing anything else up in there. We all made it happen though and the wedding ceremony went off smooth as ever. It was a small yet elegant ceremony. There was a moment were one of the bridesmaids became over heated (the one I knew, she's prego) and she had to take a seat for a moment. K didn't even know what happened till after the ceremony when we were talking about it. Thankfully she was ok and was able to stand back up with the rest of us. 
The couple did their pictures before hand, seeings that the ceremony and the reception were both out side it would be dark shortly after the ceremony. It worked out perfect because we were able to get all that out of the way before the wedding and everyone was able to enjoy their time after. There was 8 bridesmaid and groomsmen, talk about a lot of love right there!!! Everyone in the wedding was super sweet and even though I didn't know anyone in the wedding party I had a great time. 

There was one family there that I knew from my home church. I've known the D family for years. When I lived in Arlington with my mom and step dad they lived just a few streets over from us. I remember their daughters being in elementary school and now one is 21 about to graduate from college in a year or two and the other is 17 a senior in high school. Its crazy how time flies and things change. It was definitely great to see a familiar face and catch up with them. 
Its never a party unless you have the groomsmen stripping their clothes off at the wedding reception. Not to worry they only got down to as far as unbuttoning a few buttons showing their under shirts. Still the look on K's face when they started dancing and through jackets, ties and shoes was completely priceless. 
With the newly married couple before they left for the evening. I'm so blessed to have both of them in my life. They are the sweetest couple and make a perfect match. I wouldn't of missed her big day for anything and feel so blessed to have been apart of it. 
It was a fabulous evening, they know how to though a great party for sure!!! 

The wedding & reception had lots of homemade creative crafts tied in every were. These were two of my many favorites!!!! K is a big cross collector and has a cross wall in her home. So instead of your normal guest sign in book, she had everyone sign the cross and its going to go in the center of her wall.
The evening ended my trip home to Texas, as excited as I was for what the days ahead held, I was heart broken to have to leave. This trip home was so different and I had such a great time. More on that in another post though!!! 


Kate @ Daffodils said...

You looked beautiful~!

E said...

I love weddings. And that dress looks great on you! Looks like it was a fun time!