Monday, October 15, 2012

Blake Shelton & Friends Cruise Day 2

When you go to bed well after 3am in the morning waking up at 10:30am almost 11:00am still seems early. We made our way up to grab something to eat. Thank goodness the lunch buffet had just opened when we got up there. After that we found a great seat front and center poolside. There was a couple different things going on and it was the perfect time to catch some rays. First up the fabulous RaeLynn from the Voice. I've heard of the show the Voice but I've never watched it. Apparently Blake was the one who ended up voting RaeLynn  off the show, (or however it works). Now she has started her own group and is working her way up in the country music industry. She's written and recorded many songs with Miranda Lambert and Blake himself. She was seriously cute as a button and as sweet as a pea. For 17 years old she's got a lot going for her. Lip Stick covered mic and all. (you would only get that if you watch the show or were on the cruise.) After RaeLynn performed Blake did a Q&A on the pool deck. Some of the questions people asked were pretty funny. It was fun to hang out and hear him joke around and have fun with us all.

Nancy and I decided to give the pool slide a spin, we went together arm and arm. There wasn't a sign that said we couldn't do other wise so we went for it. It was so much fun. I thought we were never going to make it to the end because there was so many curves. This definitely wasn't our only time down, we made good use of the slide. One great thing about this cruise, there went any kids at all. I think we saw total maybe 5 yes FIVE kids all together on the whole ship. 
Love these girls!!!! We've been through so much together and know matter the distance we'll always be  together. Soaking up the sun while cruising the Caribbean sea. This was Sarah's (the spouse's) first cruise but Nancy and I had been on several prior to this one. By far this was the best one!!!!

Tonight was our night to see Blake Shelton, our show that is. Of course we loaded up with drinks and lots of laughs to make for a wonderful evening. I actually got in to a slight argument with Blake while he was on staged. We were sitting in the 2nd row again and when he started talking about how awful Texas was and that he was from Oklahoma. It was pretty funny, and we all got a good laugh about it. Later that evening when we were at dinner most of his band was seated at the table across from us, when they went to leave we were talking to them. That's when one of them said "hey your the girl from Texas, that was in the show tonight". Yup that was me standing up for the Lone Star State. A few other people through out the week mentioned something about it as well. It made for a great story, and lots of laughs. :)
Blake Shelton doing his thing!!!

We got a copy of the set list for tonight's show, it pays to make friends with the production crew and security. 
 Just a few of the music artist we met that might and some other friends we made!!!
Top Left: Leah from Brandon & Leah                  Top Right: Chuck Wicks (with the TX hat on)
Bottom Left: Larry from "Her Kings & Counting", Chris (production assistant main stage) & Nick brothers, we met Nick when we were boarding the ship.     Bottom Right: RaeLynn (from the Voice)
Some body had to go to the bathroom, all those drinks were running right through her. Seriously some of the funniest pictures of us all together are the ones taken in the bathroom. Love her!!!!
Girls just wanna have fun!!! Love these two to pieces, no one else I'd rather have gone on this trip with then them!!!!!! Just hanging out having fun after a long day of making memories, dancing our feet off and meeting tons of fabulous people!!!! 
We went and saw Leah and Brandon tonight. Steven (Chris's brother, percussionist) had seats front and center for us to watch the show. She by far hands down has a beautiful voice, and really knows how to work the audience. She would fit right in, in Hawaii. Super sweet with a bit of sass in her personality, cute and perky for sure. I'd defiantly go see them again if they came any were near were I happen to be. 
They were really excited to see the towel animal!!! Sarah was more so, she had waited so long to see them. Sadly he was taken from us the next day when our room was cleaned. We named him and everything. (I don't remember his name though.)
Pajama Party!!!!! Room 559!!!!!!
 I forget why, but for some reason Steve stopped by our room so of course we had to make good use of him being there and had him snap a few pictures. He was pretty bummed he missed the PJ party memo lol. This was well after another 2-3am dinner date at the 24 hour cafe. We turned it in to our nightly routine after we left Bliss. Bliss was a after hour lounge, everyone seemed to gather there to end the evening. Everyone that could stay up that late, that it. Lots of dancing and drinks continued here, lots of  good times and memories!!! 
And that's still just day two of seven, we haven't even made it to our 1st of 4 ports yet. More to come!!!


Kate @ Daffodils said...

Aw so fun! We watch the voice and I am so glad to see that Blake is still supporting Raylen!

Janna Renee said...

That fun in the sun looks amazing! Those pj's are super fun too. I can't believe y'all got the set list. Too funny.

E said...

This cruise looks amazing!! And it looks like you three had such a blast. Love all the fun pictures and the PJs, too, of course!