Thursday, October 4, 2012

My day with the "W" girls!!!

The morning started off with this QT pie and breakfast!!!! 
Followed by this sweet one, doing my hair. She said she was going to make me look like Rapunzel because I had long hair. She's so cute and has such a imagination. 
We had a adventure ahead of us today for sure, visiting some very old creatures!!! To the HEARD Museum we went, located in downtown McKinney. It was a perfect day to be outside, not to hot and not to cold at all. It was a outside nature park, were they several different dinosaurs on display. Life size and animated as well, listed on a plaque was the details telling us about them. (size, weight, what they ate) It's crazy to think how long ago, dinosaurs walked the earth. It was set up very similar to a scene taken out of Jurassic Park.  Little Gigi had so much fun, she was a little hesitant about going near the dinosaurs at first. But she eventually warmed up a bit and started asking questions and pointing out different things on the Dino's. 
Also included in the museum they had a very mini zoo with a few animals. Mostly rodents that you don't see often, you know the ones that live in creeks and under the ground. 
There was a butterfly house but it wasn't as pretty as we were hoping. There were more butterflies outside the house then there were inside. (when I went to DC a few months back, the butterfly house we saw there was so neat) There really wasn't more than 2 or 3 different colors ones here either. It was pretty though and the kiddo had fun running through the flower garden. 
This is one that I saw inside, more of them looked like this. 
After we finished up at the museum we headed down further into McKinney for lunch at a place called Spoons Cafe. It was pretty yummy, I finally had some good Texas Brisket. Its just not the same in the South, must be a Texas thing. lol. From there we walked around the downtown square checking out some of the local shops, one including a candy store. 
Little Gigi, went to Preschool later that afternoon and I got to meet her teachers and see her class. She's grown up so quickly in the last year since we've left Hawaii. It really is true when they say time flies. In what seems like a blink of a eye she will be another year older. 
I had such a great time hanging out with the W girls and catching up, meeting baby A and exploring the city. Nothing better than being reunited with such awesome people. One thing I love about the Army, I've made some amazing friendships. Can't wait for our adventures together next week!!! 
~DAY 356~

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