Sunday, October 14, 2012

Blake Shelton & Friends Cruise Day 1

Over a year ago we....the spouse, mistress & I booked our room on the Blake Shelton and friends Cruise. The time was finally here, over 27 country music artist were going to be on board the ship preforming through out the week. This was the first ever country music cruise and we were getting to be apart of it. 7 fun fill days cruising through the Caribbean stopping at 4 different ports, there was bound to be some fabulous memories made and stories to be told. I have loads of pictures to share so I'm going to let most of them do the talking over the next few post, recapping our time together. We met so many of the singers and band members, they were so down to earth and wonderful. I hope you enjoy looking through all the pictures, because we had so much fun taking them and making wonderful memories. 

We boarded the ship Sunday afternoon and the party started right away!! Through out the next 7 days over 27 artists were going to be playing around the ship at different times. We were going to have the chance to meet them and have our picture taken with them as well. You can never have to much country music in your life, with our boots on and a bit of twang we were ready to sail. 

With drinks in hand everyone gathered around the main pool deck to wait as both Blake Shelton and Neil McCoy came out to say hello. Blake didn't sing during this appearance but Neil did and boy did he rock it. At one point he kept asking for someone to bring him a drink and so finally Nanc. ordered one and took it down to him. You can see below her taking it to him, then hugging him after. It was pretty comical.

Good times on the pool deck dancing away with my girl!!! Keeping the drinks coming!!!! 

We finally made it down to our room to freshen up and get changed and ready for our first concert of the week. Nanc. is modeling the twin wall bunk bed that we didn't use at all. The three of us slept together in the big bed. It worked out perfect, made for some great bonding. lol 
Oh our way back up to the theater the elevator open and who happen to walk on.....none other than the famous Neil McCoy. We asked if we could get a picture with him and his reply was "do you have a camera". He was a super nice guy, and man can he dance, for 60 something years old the man has got some moves. 
Each night there were two shows, a early show and a late show. This allowed for everyone to be able to see each performer with out it being overly crowded. We had the early show which was at 7pm, our first night was the fabulous RANDY HOUSER he put on a really good show. We had great seats, 2nd row (the first row was reserved) on the right, the first 3 seats. 

Of course the drinks continued during the show with a bottle of Moscato. Nanc was pretty excited about it, who am I kidding we all were lol. 
That glass of wine came in hand, half way through the show the base guitar player through his pick into the crowd and it just so happen to land right in my wine glass. Seriously how often dose that happen, ummm let me just say never. Later that evening we saw him (Justin was his name) in the hall way and told him about what happen and of course I had to get a picture. 
Just hanging out in the Spinniker Lounge. 
The party didn't stop there we made our way around the ship, checking out what all was going on. Catching a few more shows and meeting some band members. 
Below left is the Spouse & I with Drummer Larry from "Her & Kings Counting". Below right is us 3 girls with Steve & Chris (they are brothers) Chris is the percussionist for "Brandon & Leah". We hung out with the two of them through out the whole week and Larry to. Super nice guys and two great groups. 

After the show we were walking through the casino when we ran into Tommy Bahammy (as we called him). He's a older gentleman that we met earlier that afternoon. I don' think we ever got his real name, Tommy Bahamm was written on his shirt and it just kind of stuck. We also called him dad, some times you just don't ask were we come up with things. lol. Anyhow we were talking about trying our hand at a game but we weren't sure which one. That's when he put down $20 on a table for me to play. I still really wasn't sure what I was doing but heck, if he's going to pay for me to play then ok. The game went on forever it seemed like. I ended up walking away with $15.00, not to bad. Seeings I didn't put anything down for it. The Spouse played a few rounds of blackjack, she did good but walked away empty handed. That was my only time in the casino, other than walking through it which we had to do often to get to the other side of the ship. Later that evening we went and heard McKenna Faith sing in the Spinnkier lounge. For a young 17 year old girl, she sure has an amazing voice. She's on her way up to making it big for sure.

And of course more drinks were added in to the mix. Malibu and Pineapple!!! 
We had a great first day, we did so much and saw so many people that first day. We kept telling our selves, "this is just the first day, can you believe we still have 6 more days to go." 
Keep a look out for a bloopers post of pictures from day 1 to come!!!! (I have so much more to share!!!)

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