Friday, October 19, 2012

Blake Shelton & Friends Cruise Day 6

A day at sea to relax and catch up on some sleep and rays by the pool is pretty much how we spend our day. A couple different people were lined up to perform at the pool so we put our suits on and found a spot right by the stage in the pool. Still feeling a bit sickly from the night before I didn't get any pictures from the day. I was on a water diet for the morning / afternoon as well when it came to liquids. I needed to save myself and fully recover so I could enjoy the night lol. 

On to the evenings so was Easton Corbin, he did a really good job. He was kinda funny because he does this little thing with his eye brows. If you've ever seen him in person, or probably on tv or on line even I'm sure you know. It was kinda cute. He's only 30 years old but looks even younger than that with his little baby face. 
Two of the songs that he sings that I like are "Roll With It"  and "Don't ask me 'bout a woman". Of course there's other's but those are just a few that come to mind. 
Randomly again I didn't get any pictures of us during the show. There were drinks involved, so that might of had us preoccupied. 
After the show we grabbed some dinner, walked through the Chocolate buffet made us a plate to take back to the room for later and changed back into our swim suits. 
Neal McCoy was doing a late night show 11pm pool side, of course we weren't going to miss it. We found a hot tub with a few open seats right near the stage and enjoyed the show from there. He danced around the pool, all the way up the slide (there for a minute we though he was going to go down it). He of course put on a great show. Towel throwing and all. He interacts a lot with his audience which is always fun. He closes every one of his show's with the same song, he told us this tonight. The other night when we saw him in the main theater he sang "I'm Your Biggest Fan" at the every end and I got all choked up, tears rolling down my face and all. I was really missing my husband. So tonight when he sang it again I had a lump in my throat, its different when we choose to be apart from each other vs. when the army separates us. 
After the show and our hot tub adventures we went back to the room to change again so we could go out for the evening. That's when we saw this little guy, another towel animal. 
Meet Randy, another friend we made on the ship. He was going all country tonight for sure, with the short shorts and all. It was quite the sight. He rocked it well though. 
We decided to try our hand out on bowling aboard the ship. Lets just say the lanes might look straight and all but with the slight rock of the ship we kinda sucked. ALOT!!! I do not blame it on the drinks at all. Nope Not doin it. Making Memories with the Mistress, she's such a doll. 
Who makes the hat look better.....ummmmm its a toss up.....I think the faces say it all. Steve, the life of the ship for sure!!! Everyone knew him!!! 
Elevator party, headed to get some yummy food.....well into the morning!!! 
Another fabulous day / night coming to a end!!

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Janna Renee said...

Hot tub and a show? That sounds AWESOME!