Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Blake Shelton & Friends Cruise Day 3

Day 3 on our Blake Shelton & Friends Cruise included our first of four stops.
I've never been to any of the ports we stopped at through out the week, so seeing new places was exciting. Although the excitement ended quickly. The ports weren't all that great, our first stop / port was San Juan, Puerto Rico. We didn't have a excursion booked here, the plan was just to walk the city and check it out. We had lunch at a local joint and did a bunch of window shopping. It was a gloomy kinda day, as it was raining right as we were getting off the ship. The rain cleared up but still the city wasn't that great, it really didn't have much to offer. Some really old buildings, neat architecture and coloring. It seemed run down in some areas, not at all what I would have pictured to be a cruise ship stop. We made the most of our time before heading back to get ready to see Lee Brice later that evening. 
We walked past this neat little hole in the wall coffee shop when we first got off the ship. I was a little hesitant when we walked in because I don't drink coffee but though hey what the heck. The server was super nice and quite funny. The Spouse & Mistress order a coffee and myself I ordered a Hot Chocolate not being a coffee drinker. The guy working behind the bar was so kind enough to offer a PG, PG-13 & R rated picture for our drinks. You all know you've seen those drinks with drawings on top of them. Ya well this guy was a pro and quite funny about it as well. Nancy, checking out the scenery. She's so pretty!!!!! Love her!!!!

Our Ship, NCL Peal 
Ready for another night of music, dancing and drinks. Listening to the fabulous Lee Brice, all dressed up with our boots on, ready to rock it. Seriously there's never a dull moment when we are together.

Lee put on a pretty good show!!!! Definitely kept us on our feet through out most of it!!!

He even brought Jerrod Niemann and Tyler Farr (who preformed later in the week) up on stage and a few other people to help him sing a song. 

The Spouse & Mistres!!!!

The pictures below are of us and some friends we made on board. Top left is us with "Chatty Cathy", I don't remember her name for the life of me. She sat next to us the 2nd night I think it was and chatted the entire time. Like seriously she would not stop talking. She was so sweet but had story after story to tell. Bless her heart, she was there with her Cousin. Her husband of 40 years couldn't come on the trip for whatever reason. She ended up sitting by us every night from here on out. Every time we saw her around the ship she always called us "her army girls". She was a true country music fan and loved loved Trace Adkins. Top Right is Nanc. with Marcus, he was one of the Security guys we ended up getting to know and hang out with. Bottom left is us with Matt, main stage production manager. He had  such a fun personality, we ended up calling him Matt with the Hat. I don't remember the guys name in the bottom right picture but he was one of the guitarists in Lee Brice's band. After the show Sarah wanted to tell him that she liked his hair. She said that normally she doesn't like guys with long hair but that his worked really well. 
We ended the night in with drinks and dancing in Bliss Lounge of course but before we made it there we ran in to a little catastrophe. It deserves it's own post all together to get the full effect and story!!! Coming Soon ~ the story of Nancy & her Boot!!!! 


Jane said...

Eek! How fun! You look like you had a BLAST!

Janna Renee said...

I love Puerto Rico! It is definitely filled with a lot of great architecture and history.

Brittany said...

Sooo jealous! Looks like such an amazing time! I Love your dress!

lilmoomoo said...

looking good girl! haha
Looks like you all had an awesome time!! :)

Kate @ Daffodils said...

This vacation looks like so much fun!

Meg {henninglove} said...

how cool you went on this cruise!! i was hoping to see him in concert earlier this year for $15 a ticket and now he is all big and tickets are definitely more expensive!!