Friday, October 5, 2012

The B Party recap.

After running around town Friday, a late breakfast at Denny's and a shopping trip to Target with my mamaw it was time for some wedding festivities. Let me back up a minute, I came home this past week because a dear friend of mine is getting married and I was asked to be a bridesmaid. The bachelorette party was this weekend (tonight -tomorrow all day), the theme was "little black dress".  I had the hardest time finding a dress but I finally came through thanks to one of my Columbia momma's who owns her own boutique. 
We (the other bridesmaids & I) met up at K's house and from there we headed to Grapevine to start the festivities. We spent some time at the hotel getting a little pampered and primped before we all headed out for dinner. There was a time line / schedule that we were suppose to be following but I think that went out the window really quickly. I was a little hesitant on going because I didn't know anyone but the bride. I'm pretty quite and shy when I'm with a group of people and I don't know you. Especially when you don't have or show any interest in getting to know me. For the better part of the evening I felt a bit uncomfortable but put on a smile and kept my head up for the bride. Finally we were heading out to dinner and I was hoping things would get better. Still I drove my own car (vs. car pulling) in the event I wanted to leave right after dinner, instead of going out after wards. 
Walking in to the restaurant I told myself I wasn't going to sit at the end of the table. Doing that would set myself up for failure and I really wouldn't talk to anyone. (there was 9 of us) I sat near the middle hoping that it wouldn't be completely awkward. Dinner came and went and I was able to have some small talk with a few of the girls I was sitting near. Things seemed to be getting better, the mood was different. Ok I though maybe I'll give the first bar outing a shot and see how it goes........ Scratch that change of plans, we were going back to the hotel to do gifts before going out. (the plan was dinner, a few local bars, a over night stay in Grapevine at the hotel and then a day some local wine vineyards) Ok no problem we'll go do that really quickly and then head back out. Wrong, it took a lot longer than I though and the next thing I knew looking at my phone it was almost midnight. The mood had slightly shifted again back to the way it was before we went to dinner. There was no way I was going to go out have even one drink and make it back to Arlington at a decent time. I had a long busy Saturday ahead of me that I was looking forward to and didn't want to be completely exhausted for it. I might have considered going out with them regardless of the time if it wasn't for my Saturday plans but even then I question it. Because why would I want to invest my time in to people that I'm not going to talk to or stay connected with after I leave next week. Other than the bride of course. I said my good byes and headed out, I still had a half hour drive back home and I was so tired. It was a ok evening, not great but not horrible. 

How do you handle awkward situations, were you don't know anyone? I'm not the bubbly out going person until I get to know you, maybe that's my flaw who knows. 
(there's more to the night but I will spare you the detail.)

Of course I had to send the hubbs a picture once I got home, of me show casing my new fabulous little black dress. I just love it, this picture doesn't do it justice at all. Its beautiful!!!!

~DAY 357~

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Colby said...

Atleast you tried at dinner and you made an honest effort. You got a cute LBD out of the deal so its a win!