Thursday, October 18, 2012

Blake Shelton & Friends Cruise Day 5

Day number 5 on our 7 day Caribbean cruise we stopped at Tortola. After a long night last night we sleep in, as we did most mornings. We had just enough time to get off the ship and grab a bite to eat at a local joint and see a little of the city. The city was really run down and honestly not much to it. The stops on our cruise weren't the greatest at all, the music artist made the cruise by far. You could stay on the ship the whole time and never get off and have a blast still. 
When we got off the ship and we asked one of the locals were a good place to grab something to eat at and he suggested Pusser's. Sounded kinda odd but we though we'd give it a try. Walking in what we though was the right direction turned out to be the wrong way. I asked a local if she knew were the place was, totally botching the name I'm sure and she pointed us in the right direction.
It was packed as soon as we walked in, that had to be a good sign right. We were quickly seated and ordered. I will say the service was by far awful, we waited for ever for our food, drink and even refills. When we would ask for something you would think we were being unreasonable, by our waitresses reaction. Come to find out when we got our bill the tip was already included. Yup even for 3 people it was already added in. So they didn't need to go out of their way to serve us, they were getting paid good regardless. It was kinda disappointing in a way. I will say the food was really good, we ordered Nachos as a appetizer. They came out in a huge tin can dish, I think we could have made a meal out of those alone. 

I saw the hubby's all time dream car while walking around the city, of course I had to get a picture for him. It's a Land Rover Defender 90.
Once back on the ship we went and hung out at the pool for the sail away party listening to Brett Eldredge and his band play. I've heard of so many of the artists that played on the ship but I've never seen any of them play in person so this was pretty awesome. He did a great job and had a really good voice. 

We hung out in the pool a bit before heading to our room to get ready for the evening. Trace Adkins was finally on board and we were scheduled to meet him and have our picture taken with him along with all the other main artists on board. Jerrod Niemann, Easton Corbin, Neal McCoy, Lee Brice, Randy Houser.  
Somebody is ready for the evening, don't you think. 
Tonight on the main stage was Jerrod Niemann
Enjoying the show together, the best friends a girl could ask for in this crazy Military Life we live. 

He put on a pretty good show, and was able to get the crowd going. 
Had to share another one of us, considering it the only one we got of the three of us together that night. The Spouse put out a challenge and lets just say I lost early on and spent the rest of the evening passed out in bed. If we weren't super close before this trip (we really were lol) we definitely were after for sure. The things you will do for a friend, or should I say the things they will do for a friend!!! Love you girls!!!
We may or may not have finished off that 4th bottle before the show ended. honestly I don't remember. 
Remember Chatty Cathy aka Grandma that I told you about a few nights ago, well she was lucky enough to sit on the front row this evening. (lucky for her & us) Randy Houser came in towards the end of the show and sat down right beside her. You bet she got some loven in hugs and kisses all the way around. She really was to cute!!!!!

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