Monday, December 2, 2013

One More Recap!!!

I just had to share a couple pictures. 
The first and third are one's I purchased through the race photo company. 
(which I just got a couple week's ago)
Working my butt off to get to were I am now has never felt so good. 
I've never been so proud of myself for accomplishing something so big. 
And on such a special day to me and my hubbs. 
Running the streets of Savannah is a day I'll remember forever. 
I'm so glad that this handsome fella was able to be there to watch me cross the finish line. Although he was enjoying a nice yummy breakfast while I crossed the start line, having him there at the end made it all worth it. Sweet Sweet Victory!!! 
1% of American's actually run a Marathon and I'm apart of that 1%, such a wonderful moment.
I can't wait to take on my next running adventure. I've already signed up for a Half Marathon in March in my area. Its actually the one I ran this past March which was my first one. My goal is to improve my finish time all while helping a dear friend of mine train for her first Half Marathon. 

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