Tuesday, December 31, 2013

New Years Eve n New York City Day 5

Its a long one, but SOO worth the read!!!!

The big day is finally here, the whole reason we came to NYC. To go to Time Square to watch the ball drop at the stroke of Midnight ringing in the New Year. We took the morning to sleep in and relax a bit since we knew we had a LONG day and night ahead of us. Mid morning we got ready and headed down to Time Square for a early lunch before the waiting game began. While walking through Time Square we came across the CakeBoss Cafe and of course had to stop in for a treat.
 From there we search out for a place to eat lunch and ended up at Juniors. We’d never eaten there before but the menu had a wide variety of items and cheese cake. We were worried about the wait because I wanted to be in our spot waiting by Noon. Reading online the viewing area’s filled up quickly and the streets closed at 3pm. If I wouldn’t see the ball drop I was going to be devastated. Lunch was absolutely fabulous, I had a open face Brisket Sandwich and the hubbs had a Turkey one. I love brisket so much and was a bit hesitant getting it at a place in New York but it was great. We of course had to try some of their famous Cheese Cake and while I’ve defiantly had better it wasn’t to bad at all. I had the original with strawberry on top and the hubbs had red velvet. 

After lunch we made our way to the viewing area and of course the streets were already packed. I was trying not to panic as we were turned away and told to go down a couple blocks and then enter again. Once back in we noticed a large open area were people were waiting. Ok I though now how do I get in there. Everything was blocked off and then finally I saw it....the ENTRANCE. There was NYPD doing security checks on everyone as you entered the area which they called “pens”. Other wise known as the corral or holding area. I did a lot of research before hand on line about being in TS to watch the ball drop which paid off for us. No bags were allowed in the viewing area’s, I packed light, just my phone, camera and debit card all on the inside pockets of my coat. I wanted to be hands free and not have to worry about anything. As we entered our pen and I was being search with the lovely metal detector I had tears in my eyes with joy and excitement. This was a day I’d dreamed about for ever and finally that dream was coming true. Once in you can not get out, well you can but if you do you can’t get back in. As the pen’s fill up quickly and become extremely packed making it very hard to move around let alone at all. We made it in just after 12pm and were between 46th and 47th St. right in the middle of TS. We had a PERFECT view of Time Square One, were the ball would drop down from. We quickly made friends with a few of the people around us. Thankfully they were all pretty normal so it made for good conversation. Would have been pretty crappy standing there for 12 hours if they weren’t. Don’t get me wrong there were defiantly some odd balls around us and I tried my best containing my aggravation. Like the group of 6 teenagers in front of me that had to stand in a circle and kept bumping into me and acting like complete idiots. Or the couple beside them that could not stop making out the entire time. Don’t get me wrong it wouldn’t of been so bad if they weren’t completely and utterly awful to look at. At one point the back of the guys head was literally centimeters away from my face. Ok I understand in this type of environment that you are going to be come extremely close to come people you’d rather not but sometimes there’s a little to close for comfort. Every so often we moved a little closer to the left (which made for a even better view of the ball) which made me happy because it was further from this couple. Never the less they always ended up RIGHT back in front of me. Through the evening, I mean the day, you know the 12 hour wait we counted at least 12 people leave the pen who just couldn’t handle it and wait it out. Included the group of 6 teenagers. Hello!!! Thank You, you were annoying the CRAP out of me. Starting at 5pm there was a count down for every hour. The clock struck the next hour and we counted down the last 15 seconds on the TS clock. At 6pm the opening ceremonies started and the ball was raised to the Top of Time Square One. From were we were standing we had a pretty decent view of the stage but not great. I wasn’t to worried I didn’t come for the performers. The first 2 hours the different artists came out and did a rehearsal of whatever it was they were going to be singing once the evening went live. Meaning we heard each performance twice. Wasn’t to made for some but for others it was gut wrenching. At the start of every new hour there was a couple of the wishes read allowed from one of the co-host. It was neat to hear what people wished for, for 2014 or what their dreams were. Did I mention there was NO BATHROOMS for you to use while you waited. That’s right you read that correctly NO PUBLIC BATHROOMS. You either sucked it up and held it and waited or you left. Thankfully I didn’t have to much to drink during lunch so I was completely fine the entire time and didn’t have to go at all. Although I was seriously dying of thirst and had nothing with me to drink. I guess it was a good thing because if I did I’d probably have to have peed like crazy. Maybe people left because they had to use the restroom, no way. Even if I did I’d suck it up. The hubbs made a comment about a 10:30pm that he had to go but could wait till it was over. THANK FREAKING GOODNESS. No way we were leaving. If you got hungry you could buy a Pie of Pizza from Domino's for $20 each. You didn’t get a choice on what it was either. They just had delivery guys out with bags full of them working the crowds selling. We were two people over from being next to the railing were all the new reports were walking back and forth crew were. I made some small talk with a few but didn’t really try to get on camera with them. They were all random TV stations so we knew no one we knew would see us so it wouldn’t be worth it. Nivea was a big sponsor for the event and the passed out large Top Hat to everyone with lip balm attached inside. Sideman was another big sponsor and they passed out gloves to everyone. Perfect free souvenirs if you ask me. Right around 11pm we only had 1 hour to go and I was getting really tired. My back was starting to hurt from standing for so long. You wouldn’t even consider sitting because the streets were so dirty from all the trash not to mention you really had NO room to sit down. The performers were great once they really got out and did their thing and it was a rehearsal. We saw / heard Ryan one time after that it was a someone else. (I forget her name) The whole evening is completely different in person vs. on TV. It was great don’t get me wrong but the performers and the hosts are all there for the viewers back home watching from the comfort of their couch. 45 minutes to go, 30 minutes left, 15 minutes OMG I though we are almost done. This is going to be the longest 15 minutes of my life. The whole day / evening went by pretty quickly looking back on things once the sunset and it got dark. Finally we were down to the last 3 minutes, I couldn’t believe it. And then the last 60 second of 2013. The crowd went crazy (even more than they already were) we counted down as the ball slowly made the drop to the bottom. It was such a magical moment, one I’ll never forget. Confetti fell from the windows of the buildings above, fire works went off and it was officially 2014. The hubbs and I had our New Years kiss as we rang in the New Year. 

 I had so much fun, I'm so glad I was able to be in TS for such a big day. Many people like me dream of being here one day and its so exciting to say they’ve done it. I’ve been there in the middle of Time Square on New Years Eve. We waited around for just a bit taking a few pictures and saying bye to our “friends” we made during our wait before fighting the crowds to get out. 
That’s a completely different story and adventure in its self. You have over a MILLION people gated in several different gates / pens in a small block radios that are all trying to get out at the SAME time. Talk about complete fear and disaster. We made our way out of our pen only to get stuck in another one. Once we realized we weren’t getting any were there we veered far left. Were I got a hand in my face from a NYPD officer telling me we couldn’t enter that area unless we had a hotel key. Seriously dude its a alley way, whatever. Mean while the whole time Gabe had a death grip on my wrist because if we got separated even by one person we were done for and would not be able to find each other. I was in complete panic mode and just wanted out. There was so many people, many were nice because they wanted the same thing just to get to a open area. But others not so much as they just were flat out rude. Finally we made out way out of the madness and in to open streets. The subway entrances were over flowing with people. We new we’d be taking our life in our own hands by trying to get on and take it back to the B&B. We opted for a Taxi ride after a much needed stop at Dunkin Donuts for drinks. My dear husband bless his heart, he looked at me and said “so how do we get a taxi, how do we make them stop?” I stepped out on the street and stuck my head out and said like this, now we wait. Finally after about 5 minutes I hailed my first NYC taxi. Call me crazy but I was kinda proud. We get in and tell the driver were we needed to go. My husband proceeds to carry on a conversation with the driver as we are on my way. I couldn’t help but laugh, he’s a true Southern boy born in Germany. Just after 1:00am we made our way back to were we were staying and it only cost $17.00. I just knew it was going to be so much more than that. 

It was a great evening, one I will never forget and always remember. One that I’ll never do again but glad that I did it. Finally able to mark if off my 30b430 list. A dream come true and the best part about it was I got to share this moment with my best friend. I couldn’t have asked for a better way to end 2013. 


Janna Renee said...

Oh GEEZE! I can see that in the end it's worth it, but I couldn't do it! We were in NYC for the Christmas tree lighting, and my girlfriend talked us into watching it on tv instead of waiting like that. She said heck no!

Stephanie said...

In theory I really want to do this, but in practice I am terrified of crowds and I have to pee at least once every couple hours, even if I haven't had a lot to drink. I would want to be in a hotel somewhere nearby lol.