Monday, December 30, 2013

New York City Day 4

This morning was def, our earliest morning of them all. We actually set a alarm for today. Something your not suppose to do on Vacation right. We had a full day ahead of us and so we wanted to make sure we got a early start. Being at the Empire state building when they opened at 8:00AM to beat some of the crowds and long lines. There was already people in line and making their way inside when we arrived at 8am sharp. Thankfully there really wasn't any waiting of lang time. We headed straight in and up the stairs through security and up the elevator to the 86th floor. We opted not to go to the 102nd floor. I went to the very top last November when I was there and well honestly its really not much of a difference in the view if you ask me. So we decided we'd say the extra $$$$ and stay down low. 
See I'm telling you the views are fantastic, its such a beautiful place. A city of buildings that never sleeps. 
No place I'd rather be. I had this magical moment planned out in my head for while we were on top of the Empire State building with my hubbs. However with the FREEZING temperatures all of those thoughts and ideas completely slipped my mind. We took in the view, tried not to get wind blown around. I swear once we went back inside I looked like Rudolph my nose was so red. I couldn't feel my fingers. And you know what at the end of our trip there none of that matter. The only thing that did was  that we were able to experience it together for the first time. Magical view curled up in his arms no place I'd rather be, freezing and all. 
One of my favorite cities in the world. 
We walked back down a couple blocks passing the New York City Library…..
….to Grand Central Station. Another city inside its self. One of the most beautifully built buildings in the city. 
Every time I'm here I feel like I'm in a movie myself. There's 100's if not 1000's of people going every direction. Both local and tourist. 
Its like your ticket to any were you want to go…..your way out….your escape from the world. 
Back out on the streets we headed up a few blocks to Bryant Park. I love the red, white & blue Christmas tree. So pretty. The different shops and cafe's to check out make this little walk through area / park a must go to during the winter months. Last minute gift shopping…..they've got it. And when your done doing your shopping take a spin around the Citibank Ice Rink. Christmas music playing, gets you in the spirit even being after Christmas. 

From there we headed to Time Square. They were already setting up for tomorrow evenings grand events. The ever so amazing Ball Drop at Midnight. We stopped in the Visitors center (which mind you I didn't know they had prior to a little research before our trip.) We both wrote on a piece of the official Time Square confetti paper our wishes for 2014. They were then placed in a bucket and dumped on the city of New York as the clock struck Midnight Ring in the New Year. We saw all the different characters dressed up and the little kids going crazy wanting to have their pictures with them and wanting to meet them. I love Mickey and Minnie Mouse, I've always been a fan ever since I was a little tiny person. 
Hopes and Dreams wall in the Visitors Center. 
From there we went to Bond 45 to have a late lunch before getting on the longest subway ride of our trip. We were headed to the city of Queens to meet up with A again. This time he was going to show us around the area he lived and more than just the tourist parts of NYC. We got of the subway and walked  up and I completely felt so out of place. I couldn't read any of the street signs let alone understand what anyone was saying. I made sure to stay close to the hubbs. Once we met up with A we headed down the highway. 
Our first stop was the World Largest Globe and the sight were the space shuttle took off from in the movie Men In Black. This was also the observation tower for the World Fair that was held in NYC in 1964. Both located in Flushing Meadow Corona Park, Queens NY. Kinda cool, got a little history lesson while we were out. 
From there we drove around some more and A showed us around. It was really neat to see such a different part of the city that I'd never seen before. The best part was hearing the hubbs and A talk and go back and forth on their stories and do the whole Remember When…. Thing. I sat in the back seat minding my own but it was one of the best days we had while we were there. It's so fun meeting up with friends when your on vacation. It made it feel more like we were home hanging out vs. on a vacation. We headed to lunch shortly after, being in Queens your options are well slim kinda. I knew we'd eat something that was well OUT of the BOX if you'll say. I'm can be a picky eater so I tried to keep a open mind. We went to this Vietnamese place A just raved and raved about I was so nervous I'd never had Vietnamese food before. We each got these sandwiches and fries with this sauce on top and let me tell you it was to die for. I couldn't get enough and was so stuffed be time we left. The hubbs and I may have been the only white people in the place and the hubbs may have made a huge scene hitting his head on the light fixture because he's so tall. Still it did not disappoint. I wish we had a place like that here in the South. 
We left there and headed over to Brooklyn. I was talking to A about how I'd never been and he was telling us about how different it was and offered to drive over and show us around. You can go from being in a really nice area to in a completely crappy area in less than a full block. Def. not some were I'd go and venture out on my own since I don't really know the area or culture. We made our way to Ft. Hamilton Military Base, its seriously the smallest Army post I've ever been on. Its small than the size of a postage stamp but still offered everything a normal post does. We stopped by and checked out the Officers Club which had amazing views of the Bay. It actually worked out because A was able to get some wedding information for his upcoming Ceremony in September. Wedding planning on vacay, don't mind if we do. This bridge that connected two of the burrows was located right next to Ft. Hamilton. A told me the name of it but I completely forgot. 

After playing tourist a little more and listening to the never ending stories which I loved it was time to say our "see you soons". I wanted to walk across the Brooklyn Bridge while we were in NYC and well it seemed perfect to do it this evening since we were right there in Brooklyn. This was another thing I'd never done before. After a little convincing on my end, (it was pretty cold outside) A dropped us off just right out side the entrance of the walk way to the bridge. We made our way across the one mile bridge through the crowds and bikers. It had some beautiful views, I only wish we would have waited and done it during the day. We got there right at dusk. Pictures and the views were great but would have been so much better. I was adamant about doing it though because I just knew we wouldn't be back down in that area. You can't win them all though right. Still we had a great time and I can say I've walked across the Brooklyn Bridge into Manhattan. How many people can say they've done that.?!?!?

Kisses on the Brooklyn Bridge. 

I really can't get enough of him. He's not a big city kinda guy so him coming to the big city with me is such a big deal. He's given up so much for me and done so much for me in the last 7 years we've been together I couldn't imagine sharing these moments with any once else. We had such a great day today, like I said probably one of the best days while we were in the city. 
Since we got back to Manhattan so late we were wiped out. Went back to the B&B after stopping by Dunkin Donuts for Coffee and Hot Chocolate. We need up not going back out for dinner and just munching on some left overs we had from a couple nights before. Curled up in bed watching a little TV was the best way to end out evening. 


Brittany said...

I love this post!!!!! You are making me want to go to NYC SO bad!! I've been a lot of places but never's on the top of my list. You and the hubs are so sweet! Love that he'll do anything to make you happy.

Kym said...

Looks like you had a great time! I absolutely love NYC :)

Kate @ Daffodils said...

You did so much! What a special trip!