Thursday, December 26, 2013

Gift Giving

Every year I always say I'm not going to make gifts so complicated to mail home for our family. However every year I always fail. Getting better each time but I also end up sending so much home. I just can't bring myself to do a simple gift card which ideally would be easier. I love getting gift cards so I'm sure the next person does to but for me giving them just seems so un-personal. This year I made HomeMade Pumpkin Bread in these cute little dishes and wrapped it up and sent it on its way. 
Along with a few other things as well. 

Two of my Best Friends (who I refer to as My Spouse and Mistress on here) are so creative when it comes to gift giving. It kills me because I'm not crafty at all, I try so hard but I always seems to be a fail.  This year I some how came up with a cute idea I though I'd give and try and low and behold they came out super cute and I'm so proud of them. If only I would have though about it before I sent my families Christmas gifts home I would have done one for them as well. 

The letter is the first letter of their last name. 
Nancy w/ her fam- Mistress. 
Sarah and B- Spouse!!
Jenna w/ her fam.  
 I absolutely love them and can't wait to make one for our house as well. 
And the best part about it was, its a totally affordable gift. 

(Now that they've all three received their's I can finally post pictures)

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Jenna Morgan said...

I LOVE mine ALMOST as much as I LOVE you!!!! Thank you so so much. I hope you and your girlfriends have a blast on your upcoming trip. <3