Sunday, December 29, 2013

New York City Day 3

Sunday morning we work up a bit early and headed out to the Museum of Natural History. We were meeting up with one if the Hubbs friends that we were stationed with in Hawaii. He's now a recruiter and lives in Queens, NY. He'd never been to the museum himself so it worked out perfect. 
We were to lucky to have a subway station right out side our B&B it's worked out so well. Especially coming back late at night when we are completely exhausted. 
We arrived right on time but of course the Subway and Traffic stalled A from getting there when we did. It's ok we enjoyed some Starbucks and did a little people watching while we waited.
Dinosaurs remind me of my Spouse, aka Sarah. She loves them, she's a true kid at heart still. 
 Hubbs and A hadn't seen each other since they both left back in 2011 but you never would have known that. They picked up right were they left off as if they had talked every day over the last two year. It was so great to hear them share stories and do the whole "Remember…." We had a great time and the museum it self was huge. Military got in free so that saved us a total of $44 dollars. We seriously could have been in there for days and still not have seen everything there was to see. 

Below is a view from out of one of the window on a upper level. I though it was really neat, it was a gloomy day but so pretty at the same time. When we got to the museum we really didn't have to wait at all to get in, thankfully because the line to simply get into the building was wrapping around the block. Talk about crazy. 
After the museum A had to head back home. So the hubbs and I went to lunch across the street at a place called Cafe Frida. It was a little mexican joint and well we all know you can't go wrong with mexican food. Fabulous!!! Although hubbs made a comment that this was the first mexican restaurant that we'd been into that didn't serve chips and salsa. FAIL!!! 

After lunch we stopped by a few local stores to do a little window shopping and then to a local pharmacy because well I still wasn't feeling myself. I knew I had to break down and finally get some meds. in my system if I was gonna beat this crud. I stocked up on day and nightquil along with some throat lozengers. We headed back to the B&B to relax a bit, it kinda worked out perfect because it was pretty rainy and nasty out so we really didn't want to walk around in that. 
After a much needed nap I woke up feeling so much better. I even had my appetite back, which was great seeings I hadn't eaten a whole lot in the past 2 days. We freshened up and headed out to dinner. 
We went to a little Italian place called Trattoria Pesce Pasta. I went with the Chicken Parm and let me tell you it was the size of my plate. It was HUGE. I didn't get any pictures of it but it was pretty fabulous, I had a side of steamed broccoli which is one of my favorite veggies and it was so good. The hubbs had been talking about Tiramisu all evening and how he wanted some. Me never have had any before didn't really care one way or the other. We caved and gave in and I have to say it was pretty tasty. It was a wonderful evening out. Thankfully it had stopped raining and the sky's had cleared up from earlier in the day. 


Brittany said...

What a fun day! That tiramisu looks amaaazing. But no chips and salsa at the Mexican food place? That's against a Texan's religion! ;)

Janna Renee said...

I can't believe y'all took the subway by yourselves! I would have gotten lost ;)