Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Christmas Day

Our Christmas was very low key this year and it was simply great. The night before I had made our breakfast casserole that we enjoyed Christmas morning. Normally we made a huge spread of pancakes, eggs, bacon, ect. but we decided to change it up a bit. This is one of our favorite breakfast casseroles so its always a winner with us. 
After breakfast we opened gifts. This year we kept things simple in the gift giving department. We always have a habit of getting what ever it is (to a extent) we want through out the year so its hard when it comes to gifts. I told the hubbs not to get me anything this year because my gift was our trip to NYC. (more on that to come) But of course he didn't listen, he said he wanted me to have something to open on Christmas morning. I've really been into making smoothies her lately and he knows how much it annoys me getting out the big blender and putting it together each morning. He got me a smoothie maker and the mixer part turns into the glass / cup you drink it out of. Super cool and a great space saver. He also got me a rice maker which doubles as a steamer and you can make actual full meals in to. I'm actually really excited to start using it, its similar to a crook pot. I've been wanting to get the new Fast & Furious 6 movie and hello stocking stuffer. He's such a stud I just love him. 

I got him the sights for a recent gun he'd been wanting, which was quite difficult to get with out him finding out but thankfully Becky helped me out with that one. A new HK water bottle (also a gun brand) thank goodness for wish list's on line and that he's good at keeping them updated. I can never go wrong with flannel shirts. He's super old school sometimes and loves them. I hated them when we first got together but they've grown on me over the years. I also got him a new knife which he had been wanting since he broke his last one. Sadly I failed and got the wrong one. That's ok, (we went back the day after Christmas and exchanged it for the right one.) 
All in all it was a very relaxing morning, we took the pups across the street to the soccer fields and let them run around. We had no plans the rest of the morning, so while the hubbs went up and reloaded ammo I decided to go ahead and tackle the down stairs and take the Christmas decor down. Normally I'm pretty good about waiting till at least the weekend after Christmas but since we were leaving the day after the next and not like anything was open were we could go any were I figured why not. It's all packed up and ready for the movers when they come this coming summer. 
(I completely failed on taking a bunch of pictures Christmas morning, but that's ok)
(last year we got our first real tree, this year we opted not to get one with our early vacay. I sure miss the look and smell of a real tree)

I figured I'd share a few of my favorite new pieces I got this year. 
Go Cock's, you can't help but become a fan living in the South. 
Such a sweet ornament from our dear Neighbors.
New Monogrammed stockings, I mean did you really expect anything else?!?!?!
Sweet gift's from some of my parents at school.


This is our Battalion ornament that our BC's wife gave to only the people on the board. I feel honored to be given one. 

All in all it was a great day and I couldn't be more blessed to be able to spend it with my love. 
I absolutely LOVE the holidays but I LOVE being able to get my house back in order again and back to normal. Until Next Year!!!! Happy Holiday's and here's to Another New Year to come. 


Bunnie said...

I LOVE your stockings!!! I just made my first breakfast casserole the other week, it came out great!

XOXO Bunnie

Jenna Morgan said...

Totally stalking my beastie's page. You will have to tell me how to make that casserole, it looks yummy! I love your stockings too. They are too cute and fits you perfect.