Monday, January 13, 2014

Country Cruising Day 2- At Sea

Our first full day at sea and we spent the entire day literally, in the hot tub other wise known at a Spa by some Californians we met. Sarah's Mom and Aunt were in there and we went in to chat with them and never left. So many people came and went, there were so many different conversation going and of course endless amounts of drinks. Brandy and I got out at one point to go to the restroom and look who we ran into. (below middle) Nancy happened to be walking up at the same time so we were able to get a quick hello in. The only one at that. Brandon (top left) and Joe stopped by to say hello on their way to play a little basket ball before they had to get ready for their evenings performance. 
I really couldn't imagine going on this cruise with anyone else. We have so much fun together and I just love these girls to pieces. 
There were several different artist that played through out the day while we were hanging in the "Spa". Wynnona and her husband came out and did a Q&A session. But the one that caught our eye was Bryan Edwards because of his "Aloha" shirt he was wearing. Nancy and I called him over and we chatted for a bit before we convinced him to get in the spa with us for a picture. 
That evening Montgomery Gentry preformed in the main theater for our show / concert. 
I knew a hand full of their songs, they defiantly made you want to get up on your feet and dance and we did just that. The two of them together were so funny but so genuine at the same time. 
Later that evening we made our way to the Atrium to watch Brandon & Leah. I absolutely LOVE her voice and their songs, well there not country but who cares. She's amazing. If you've never heard of them just google or YouTube their names. They made the cutest couple ever and Joe is the perfect addition to the group. 
Eventually we made our way to Bliss were we met up with everyone for the evening. We hung out, had to many drinks as we always did and did a little dancing ;) I think it was always one of those times of day we all enjoyed the most. You could really let loose and not worry about anything. We always managed to meet knew people each night to. Some stuck around and others not so much. 
We made our way to the Atrium for our late night / early morning food fix and the let down was still there. It was the same as the first night Salad, Burgers, Hot Dogs, Chicken Wings and Spinach did. It was pretty horrible but we some how managed to eat it any ways. 
After eating someone had the bright idea that we should stay up and watch the sunrise. I'm pretty sure it was Nancy's idea but I could be wrong. We toyed with the idea for a bit, Sarah was not so sure of it at first. We were all pretty tired but figured what the heck we were already up and the sunrise was in about a hour or so. So why not. Everyone was on board and we made our way to the back of the ship. We got absolutely no pictures of the sunrise (well minus two but nothing spectacular)
From left to right top- Joe, Brandy, Ben, Me, Nanc, Sarah and Elliot (who we met early that night). 
Carey and Brian. 
Sarah, Elliot and I made our way down to a lower deck for a better view. While they sipped on some coffee, I enjoy a cup of Hot Chocolate (I don't do coffee). As we watched the sunrise, it was nice to sit down and just chat away from all the craziness and nonsense. 
Eventually the rest of the group caught up with us, there was talk of going back to the room and going to bed. Which seemed funny because there was people getting up and coming out for breakfast and here we were still dressed from the night before. Someone came up with the idea to go change into our swim suits and go lay out by the pool and get a few hours of sleep. This way we had good pool side seats for the day's concerts. It sounded like a crazy idea at first and again we all went back and forth with it and finally agreed we do it. Everyone split and went their separate ways with the plan to meet back up by the pool right after changing. 
When we got to our room there was a little something waiting for Sarah, she loves loves the towel animals. So to say she was a little excited to see them would be a under statement.
We changed and headed back up to the pool deck were we continued our day…..

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