Thursday, January 16, 2014

Country Cruising Day 5- Grand Cayman Island

The plan today was to take the tender to shore and go with Steve, Chris, Randy and Joe to get lunch. We wanted a nice sit down place that had good food. Nothing fancy but nothing fattening and greasy either. After checking out a couple different menus at a few local places our last resort was Margaritaville. 
The food was horrible, the service was ah…ok and the bill was insane over $300 for the 8 of us. Talk about craziness. Def. a waste of money, but we did have a good time so in the end it wasn't that bad. We had lunch and headed back to the ship, it was a short day in port and be time we actually got up and off the boat we really didn't have but about 3 hours. 
That evening Love and Theft played, I'd never heard of them before and didn't know any of their songs. Well maybe two but that was it. They were ok, not great but we had a good time. 
Brandy and Mark, he plays with Bryan Edwards. 
Hanging out in the Atrium we ran into the Trace Adkins look alike. We figured we'd get a picture with him since the real Trace was no longer on board. I'm not getting into detail as to what happen, so if you'd like to know I'm sure you can google it. Lets just say he was off the ship by our first stop. 
We had no clue in the moment that the person we'd asked to take our picture with him was Frankie Ballard (below) So of course we had to get one with him afterwards. He's got a great voice and some really good songs. 
Later that night we ended up in Bliss, lounging on the bed people watching. We were all way to tired and well really just an emotional wreck that we had no energy to get up and dance. 
Are they not the cutest couple ever!!! Brandy was the single one out of the group, her and Joe hit it off the first day and the rest was history as its called. 
We finally called it a night and headed to the Atrium to get some food to help ease the pain and sober up a bit. Carey caught up with us as well after he got off work. He was a absolute sweet heart, I loved chatting with him about is girlfriend and their future together. He worked with the production crew, he was there with a group from his school. We knew one of his friends from last year that was there again this year. It was fun to meet them all and get to know everyone. 
 Our night ended shortly after eating and Sarah and I headed back to the room. I tell you that girl has pretty thick skin but when you cross her the wrong way you'd better watch out. That beautiful blonde hair can sure full you. I'm so blessed to be able to call her my best friend!!!! 

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Janna Renee said...

Aww they do make a cute couple! What a story that will make ;) Hope you are having a good weekend so far!!