Saturday, January 11, 2014

Our Day in Miami

We slept in till early afternoon, that's what happens when you stay up all night. Sarah made countless calls trying to figure out the status of her luggage and got no were. Poor girl held it together much better than I would have. I finally was able to find some info on line showing that it had came in last night, ON THE SAME FLIGHT AT Brandy. Funny story, when B arrived Sarah asked her if she brought her bag with her as a joke. Little did we know she did. We finally finished getting ready and headed to the airport to get it. Which still wasn't a easy task, the Miami airport is ridiculous. No communication or organization at all. Sarah had to go into the rooms to look for her bag herself and all along it was sitting there at the American counter and they NEVER called her or the number on the tag to let her know it was there. Let's just say that won't be the last time Sarah deals with American. She was beyond frustrated as I would have been. All was well in the world though because we had her bag. S & B have a friend from High School that lives in Miami right now going to school. We met up with her last year when we came in for the cruise and were able to do the same again this year. We went to a local deli called The Daily for lunch. It was really good, I'd def. go back again. After lunch we went to see Sarah's mom and her 3 aunts who were also in Miami going on the cruise with us. They needed to go to the store for a few things and didn't have a car so we offered to take them. You know since we had a SUV now we could fit everyone. That did mean Sarah and Brandy had to ride in the very back. Thankfully they are super close and didn't mind being squeezed together. 
7 people in a 5 person passenger car, we can make anything work. Besides it wasn't the first trunk Sarah has been in while we've been together and I'm sure it won't be the last. 
After we dropped them back off we headed to Target for a few things then back to the hotel to wait on Nancy to get there. Her flight was delayed and delayed. How in the world I was the only one that didn't have any flight issues getting there was beyond me but I wasn't complaining at all. We picked up Nanc from the airport finally and headed to downtown Miami to meet up with J (Sarah & Brandy's HS friend). We were all in need of some yummy drinks and something to munch on after the crazy two days we'd had. We went to a place called Brother Jimmy's. It reminded me of something that should be in South Carolina. Everything about it reminded me of the South from the food to the names of the drinks. We sipped on some fruity drinks, caught up with everyone and did a bit of people watching. Lets just say the people in Miami go ALL out when it comes to going out on the town in the evenings. They dress like they are going to a fashion show, They dress like they seriously just walked out of a magazine. It was crazy, I'd never seen anything like it. 
 After Brother Jimmy's we tried to check out a few more places for one more drink but at that point everyone was charging a cover to get in and we weren't interested just for one drink. We said our goodbyes to J and headed back to hotel. 
Sarah had a little something set up and planned for us girls when we got back. She's seriously the best and thinks of the most creative gift ideas ever!!! Personalized Cruise Cups!!!! 
She also took our pictures from last years County Cruise and turned them into a DVD. So while we sipped on our Malibu and Pineapple we reminisced over last years trip and talked about how excited we were for this years cruise.
 Less than 24 hours till we were on board with our boots on. 
Let the good times roll and the memories continue. 

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Denise said...

How fun! I've never really been on a big girls vacation like this and apparently I'm missing out!