Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Country Cruising Day 3- At Sea

We were surprised to see that the guys beat up back out to the pool deck. We really didn't think they would follow through but they did. Even Elliot came back out after he changed to say hello but was the smart one and went back to his room to get some rest. I'll give it to him, he did come back later that afternoon and hung out with us for a bit. 
At some point in the morning Sarah's mom passed by and saw us knocked out and snapped a picture. I can imagine the comments and stories from people as they passed by. We were really out and didn't hear a thing. Mid morning Sarah woke up and decided to go back to the room because she was afraid of getting burned. Smart one I suppose. When she came back out we were telling her about the picture her mom got and she though all along she wasn't there when her mom passed by. Sorry to break it to you honey you were. It was so funny when she saw the picture. 
One of many bathroom breaks with this girl!!!! 
We spent the day by the pool listening to the different artist play. It was quite warm out because the ship was just sitting for the longest time. We were in and out of the pool a good bit, but it only seemed to cool us off for a quickly minute. We enjoyed some yummy drinks to keep us nice and refreshed. Eventually we decided we'd grab some lunch before heading down to get ready for the evening. The first picture is probably how we really all felt but we know how to push through and have a good time. 
Craig Morgan night in the main Theater for the late show. Definitely one to remember for sure. 
Shots and Wine…..well why not. This was the first one of a few that night, once you get up moving and dancing you don't even remember what all you've had. Its once you sit down for a while is when it all hits you. And it hit me and Nancy hard that night. 
Moscato's the only way to go. We brought a couple bottles on with us to enjoy during the show. 
Bathroom breaks in two's something about drinking that makes a girl gotta pee. I've never understood it. lol But hey sometime you make the best memories in the bathroom. One of my fav's of Nanc and I. 
While Nancy and Brandy went on yet another bathroom / drink run, Craig called up two guest to the stage. Joe and I may or may not have made a scene to get Sarah up on stage. It was priceless, I know she was hating us for it while she was up there. She kept looking at us with these evil eyes telling us she was going to kill us. At one point while he was sing / talking he stopped and looked at Sarah and gave her a towel. Told her to cover up her boobs that she was distracting him. OMG, talk about the funniest moment ever. All while Nanc and Brandy are getting drinks. I was hoping they would walk in while she was up there because they'd be completely lost. But no such luck, shortly after she came down they walked in. 
It was such a great show, he's a former service member himself. 
Not sure how but I guess no one took any pictures after the show. Probably a good thing I suppose. We met up with some friends at the Karaoke bar and hung out there for a bit. At some point I lost the girls, not sure what happen there. I had my moment for the trip and the alcohol caught up with me. After getting sick and sobering up Steve and I went looking for the girls. Come to find out they were on the pool deck listen to one of the artist play. Thankfully by this point I was feeling fine but that's more than Nancy could say. Poor girl was DONE. She wouldn't even dance with me. Thankfully Elliot took me up on the offer while Sarah took Nancy to bed. Brandy was having the time of her life dancing with Joe, she even introduced me to a group of people by the wrong name all of which I knew. We laughed about it later and continued with our night. After a little walk around the ship, taking in the views from area's we hadn't seen Sarah and I decided to call it a night.
 It was definitely a great night one I'll remember forever!!! 

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