Friday, January 17, 2014

Country Cruising Day 6- Cozumel

We woke up not so bright and early, seemed to be a theme there. We grabbed some lunch and headed off the ship to enjoy the day in beautiful Cozumel. Forgive me but the area we went to just wasn't beautiful to me. As luck would have it we were walking off the ship and ran into the guys. Not that big of a deal really, we like Joe. Ben on the other hand, that's a little questionable. We were hoping for a girls day but how are you suppose to say no sorry you can't come with us. 
After much standing around and trying to figure out how the heck we were gonna get to the beach we agreed to get in a taxi and go. Not really knowing were we were going but heck I guess that's partly the fun in things sometimes right. 
We ended up at probably what we called the most touristy beach ever. Loads of people, inflatable blow up things and crappy lounge chairs. We saw a little sign of relief when we saw one of the bands from our ship at the same beach. Still it was a WTF moment of how did we end up here. 
We ordered a drink, lounged around a bit, took a dip in the ever so chilly water and worked on our tan. Before we knew it, it was creeping up on 5pm. Ship return time was 630 but we'd rather not cut it short. I'm not trying to get left here or anything. 
When we got back to the pier Nancy and Sarah though it would be fun to take a bike taxi back to the ship. Little did they know when they got on neither of them had anything less than a $20. So they talked me into getting on, in hopes I did. WRONG, that man got lucky that trip. I'm sure we were quite the sight riding back to the ship. 
Another towel animal just for Sarah, another one we couldn't really figure out what it was. 
After getting back to the room we showered, change and got ready for the evenings show. 
Lone Star was our last artist to preform in the main theater. Sadly no amount of alcohol could help us manage to sit through the entire thing. One of the guys (I forget his name) was sick so that had some to do with it but not much. We knew a couple of their songs but nothing to make us want to get up out of our chairs and start dancing. We bailed half way though. Sarah's mom and Aunts said the 2nd half was the best but we just couldn't make it past the first. 
We spent the evening hanging out in the Atrium listening to the jam sessions. This was were different band members got together and played. Wasn't always country music, in fact it hardly was. But it was a nice change of pace. It was a younger crowd of people and everyone let loose and had a good time. 
Ok this guy!!! Let me tell you, about him. He was on the cruise last year by himself (who does that), some how he found out I was from Texas and the rest was history. Total creeper / stocker guy. We always ran in to him all the time. No matter how much we tried avoiding him it just happened. And from the moment we saw him this year it was the same thing all over again. I know it sounds bad but really if you were there you'd get how awkward and uncomfortable he could make things at times. Well the 2nd or 3rd night he sat at the end of our row by Nancy, it took her a minute for it to register who he was and then it all clicked. 
We saw him in Bliss late in the evenings, even asked if we'd dance. This evening he was wearing this shirt he'd got in Cozumel……Sarah and Nanc though it was the funniest thing and had to get a picture with him. In turn they made me as well. I tried offering to take shots to avoid it but that didn't happen. Talk about a awkward moment. Lord help me!!! Later that evening when we were in Bliss Nancy pointed it out to someone and he told her she had to try it out if she liked it so much. FACE IN PALM. 
The Hawaiian Trio!!! Love these two!! 
Nancy and I hung out in Bliss a bit later that night talking with Carey and Brian. (loser dude ben in the middle blah!!!) They were always so sweet and fun to hang out with. They had to make sure we got down to our floor that evening or really that morning I should say, since we'd had a bit to drink. 
Perfect opportunity for a little cartwheel action in the hall way!!! 
No worries I'm 100% confident I can handle myself even when I've been drinking. (can't speak for others)


Brittany said...

I LOLed at your last sentence! Haha! Looks like you girls are having a blast!! I've seen Lonestar in concert a couple're right, they have a few good songs but nothing jam-out worthy. You look so pretty in all these pics, as usual!

Janna Renee said...

Look at you fancy ;) I'm not used to you with the makeup, but you are gorgeous either way!!