Sunday, January 19, 2014

GoodBye Miami!

We finally made it back to our room Sunday morning around 4am. For some reason we listened to Nanc when she told us it was already 5am. At that point we figure there was no reason in going to bed only to be up in about a hour to hour & half. So what did we do…downloaded all the pictures to my computer and looked through them. When I turned my laptop on we noticed it was only 4am so in reality we could get a couple extra hours of sleep then we though. We still looked through the pictures, talked about how much fun we'd had and how we couldn't believe it was over. We were all ready to be reunited with out loves but I would be lying if I said I wasn't sad that I was leaving the girls. Shortly after falling asleep our phones started going off with email and text message notification. That only means one thing we were back in cell range. We popped up and looked out the window as we were pulling into port. Bittersweet for sure, I was that much closer to my love but that much closer to saying see you later to my best friends. We managed to get a little bit of sleep before our wake up call came through and we were up packing our last minute things and heading to the 7th floor to get off the ship :(

Once we got in line we really didn't have to wait to long before we were off and making the trip to the airport to start our journey home. It worked out that we were all on the same flight out of Miami and the four of us girls split in Charlotte, NC. While in Miami we stopped for coffee and hot chocolate and look what the spouse had for us. Is she not the sweetest friend ever. Gosh I love her. I can't help but get a lump in my throat as I'm writing just thinking about how much I miss living in the same state. 
We tried to get all of our seats together but with a fully packed flight it just didn't work. Brandy was in the very front of the plane which worked out for her because she had very little time to make it to her connecting flight. The only down fall to that was the fact that we had to say our "See you Soon's" to her before we went back to our seats. Sarah was suppose to be in the VERY back but we were able to get our two seats together. Thank Goodness!!! Nancy was across the aisle one row ahead of us. So we were able to be close to her as well. Along with the most talkative two guys ever. Seriously from the moment we sat down they did not shut up, minus the 15 minutes they slept right after we took off. We did get a few good laughs out of them though and they made the flight go by quick. 
Before we knew it we were in Charlotte and heading our separate ways. The Spouse and I took a second to get one last picture and squeeze in before we parted. It never fails I ALWAYS choke up when our time together ends. She's my other half and I'd do anything for her. 
From here Nancy & Brandy had one more flight each and Sarah had two. I however just had to walk outside and there was my love!!!! I was so happy to be back in his arms. We headed to OTB (On The Border) for lunch and of course he had to stop at Base Pro before heading home. 

We've already starting talking / planning our next girls trip / get-together. Sarah and I will both be moving to different states SOON and so it gives us another opportunity to see more of the great USA. 
I love how the army allows us to travel around and meet up in different places. :)

A Girls Trip To Remember!!!

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Denise said...

So fun Tiffany! Loved reading your girls trip posts!