Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Life on the Trail…..

Were do even start….It started out ruff….we got used to it….got into a routine….I got used to the hours…him being gone all day and night….never home on the weekends…but then I hit a wall…and I hit it hard. Him being deployed sucked to no end I'm not gonna lie, It was the worst time of our relationship so far. Although sometimes I almost think this is WORSE than a deployment. Yup I really just went there. Of course you don't have the constant worry, stress and "what if" moments that you do with a deployment but I really think Life on the Trail puts more strain on your relationship. We've been through more together in the past almost 8 years that we've been together than any average couple has been through in a life time. I wouldn't wish it on any one and I sure as hell don't want to live another day through it sometimes but I suck it up and put a smile on my face because I love that man with all my heart. And I do anything and go any were for him. It doesn't mean I'm not melting inside because I haven't spent more than 24 hours with my husband awake in the past week. I know I should be grateful that he is home and trust me I am but when he's home you expect him to be home. Yes there is extremely late hours and countless CQ days when it comes to being a Drill SGT. But when the BN says they are pushing for more family time and more time away from work during reset, yet you schedule countless training and regrouping exercises during every day of cycle break you are going back on every word you've just said. When you make a event mandatory to attend and spouses are invited yet we have to pay for tickets to go, doesn't help your plea any more.

Now don't get me wrong my hubbs is quick to offer a hand and stay late to help out his fellow battles when he see's they are needing help with one thing or the other. The only thing that kills me with that is they do NOT do the same for him. When their work day is over they are out and don't think twice about making sure everything is covered. I guess that is were my husband values his job and the people he works with more than others do. I just hate how he always goes above and beyond for others only for it to be over shadowed or gone unrecognized. I absolutely HATED the brown round when he first got it, I though it was the ugliest thing ever known to mankind. Over time my thoughts on it have changed and I think it quite attractive and will be so sad to see it go.
Him on the other hand not so much. He's amazing at his job and I'm not saying that just because I'm married to him but I've had countless Drill SGT's, PVT's CO's and Spouses come to me and tell me that. Hands down he's an amazing Drill SGT and makes a world of a difference in the lives of these young kids. But there's no doubt that he's ready to get back to a line unit. He's so tired of "training joe" aka Privates "America's Future". He wants to be trained, he wants to do field problems were he does the work and not direct what needs to be done. He wants to go to schools, he wants to go back to a line unit, he wants his squad leader time. He wants to deploy again. This is what he joined the army to do and he's not done doing that. Life on the Trail isn't for everyone that's for sure. Its been a experience that we can say we've been through but I wouldn't wish it on any one. People come here to go through the Trail to get some down time and let me tell you its so far from it. 
I miss my husband more than ever, we can never plan anything because thing are always changing around here with work. When he does have a day off here or there he's so tired the last thing he wants to do is go out. When he comes home from work at a decent time I get excited then remember he's been up since 3 or 4am and next thing you know we've had dinner and he's fast asleep on the couch. The only guaranteed time off is VBL- Victory Block Leave which is over Christmas. Don't bother making family vacations because your not gonna get the time off. He gets one 4 day weekend a cycle. That's every 10 weeks. Sometimes we plan something to do then but most of the time we just stay here local because he's so tired from work he just wants to hang out at home and relax. Of course I don't blame him one bit, I'd be doing the same thing if I worked his hours.
 Can you imagine the pay check if they got paid over time. HAHAHA Wishful thinking. Speaking of Pay did you know that a Recruiter gets paid more special duty pay than a Drill SGT does. Tell me how that makes any sense. February 13th he graduates his last cycle and we couldn't be more excited. Although we still have a few months left here after that he is most certainly counting/ Our upcoming move (more on that later) is definitely bitter sweet for many reasons. I go back and forth multiple times a day on my feelings about our move. Sometimes I'm ready for it and other times I'm hoping time creeps by. Its a daily struggle, but at the end of the night I CAN NOT wait for our next adventure and were its taking us. 
Life as a Army Wife Married to a US Soldier, current Drill Sergeant. 


Janna Renee said...

I do NOT envy the Drill SGT lifestyle! I admit that I never wanted Will to have to do it, even though I know it is good for a soldiers career. You guys are amazing, and I thank you for being there for the Army's future soldiers...You both did your part, and I'm proud of you ;) I can't wait to see what the future holds for y'all!

Pamela said...

Girl, you are strong!

Stephanie said...

Tom is the same way about not wanting to do much on weekends during training cycles. It's nice to know we aren't the only bums on the weekends!