Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Country Cruising Day 4- Ocho Rios Jamaica

After staying out way to late last night before we managed to get up have some breakfast and head off the ship to check out Jamaica. We had no plans or excursions set, we were just gonna go with it and see were we ended up. 
NCL- Pearl, same ship we sailed on last year. 
After being approached by several different taxi drivers we finally settled on one. Although we had no idea what we got ourselves into. We were slightly fearing for our lives at one point. We just wanted to go to a beach but some how we ended up going on a random drive around parts of the city first. Finally we made it to the beach, def. not what we had in mind at all. I forgot the sun block so the girls asked around and borrowed from another helpless soul that was stuck at the same awful beach as us. Sad that was we couldn't leave because we had to wait on our driver to come back. We ended up falling asleep on the beach for a good few ours. My back showed for it later that evening. Finally around 2:30 I think it was our driver was there and all we wanted to do was go back to the ship. He still wanted to show us around though. NOPE, no thank you. I think, NO I know, we are all just so spoiled living in Hawaii for so long that beaches any were else just don't compare. 
After getting back we got ready for the evening and enjoyed a drink while we waited for our show to start. It was Neil McCoy night and we were really looking forward to it. Every night we made sure to get in line early so we could get our same seats. Tradition from last year, gotta carry it out. 
Handsome Hunk of Love Lester himself jamming out on the drums. 
Neil McCoy doing what he does best. Seriously one of the best performers / artist I've ever seen. He never gets old. 
We had such a great time, I think by the end of the night the people around us during the show were over us but you know what who cares. We were there to have a good time just like everyone else. 
The bathroom doors absolutely sucked, they were so annoying the way they opened and shut. You'd think after a couple times we'd get the hang of it but NOPE. Never happened. 
Taco Night in the buffet area. Because we got in line for the show so early we didn't eat till after. Some times the late night buffet was good and other nights not so much. It was really hit or miss. Tonight was Taco night and Brownies for Sarah. How I have no clue but the people that sat behind us during the show ended up sitting across from us in the dining room. They were less than thrilled but hey they could have moved we were there first. 
It was Sarah's night for the alcohol to not set so well. Poor girl was a hot mess. (I'm sure she'll kill me for these but hey it could have been worse.) She got brownies to eat and we told her to get us each one as well. However we never got them, I'm pretty sure she ate almost everyone herself. 
After we ate she fading fast and just wanted Steve. AKA her brother from another mother as she called him. We went on a walk to try and find Steve, first stop Bliss. NOPE No Steve but some how Sarah and Brandy got ruffied with Tequila. How on earth that ever happened I have no clue, I would be lying if I said Nancy and I had nothing to do with it. (for the record we had them take a shot of tequila, Sarah was a bit gone and had no clue what it was but Brandy on the other hand caught on quickly only taking half the shot. Neither of them do Tequila) It was so comical, but the search for Steve was still under way. We decided to make our way to Spinnaker, another lounge area clear on the other end of the ship. 
And guess what we found STEVE!!!! Sarah was so happy, brother / sister love right there. 
Back up a bit, Steve is married we met him last year and he always told / tells everyone we are his girls and he takes care of us. If there was or is ever a issue or problem we knew we could go to Steve for anything. While S finished off his flask of Fire Ball Brandy and I headed out to the dance floor to do a little Wobble. Who doesn't love the Wobble. A little later Nancy came to tell us she was taking Sarah to bed. She was done for the night. Eventually Brandy and I headed to Bliss for a bit, then I went up to the Atrium with everyone for our nightly meal. Not long after we called it a night and headed back to the room. 


Denise said...

I was not impressed with the beaches in Jamaica either! Although we did find a teeny tiny beach that wasn't too bad. You look great in all these pictures :)

Katie said...

It looks like u guys had such a good time!!!! I'm so jealous!!!