Saturday, December 20, 2014

Getting to the Valley......

......was no easy task. 

I've been looking forward to today for the last 2-3 weeks, since I decided I was going to AZ for Christmas. I haven't been back to the valley in almost 5 years. We were in fact still living in Hawaii the last time I went. It's going to be a much needed break from life and my busy hectic schedule because lets face it, starting school in January its just gonna keep going. And as much as I want time to speed right on by I need things to slow down just a bit. 
I didn't wanna bother any one with driving me to the airport or picking me up since my flight left so early so I packed the and headed to the airport. Not before a minor heart attack though. Friday night I dropped the pups off at a friends who was so kind enough to watch them. So Saturday morning when I woke up at 3:30am to make the almost hour drive to the airport I didn't think to unset the alarm because I didn't have to let outside. After a couple last minute things around the house I was headed out the door just after 4am. When the alarm went off with what seemed like the loudest possible noise ever. I'm sure if my neighbors would have been at home they would have heard it. My heart was racing, I couldn't figure out how to turn it off and I just knew the police were gonna be showing up any minute. Finally I figured it out although it seemed like the longest couple of seconds ever. Loading the car and heading out my heart was still racing, still waiting for that phone call from the alarm company or the police department. Which thankfully never came. I was able to chat with the hubbs all the way to the airport, I found parking and told him to make sure he remembered were I parked lol. A lot of help he's gonna be in a week right. Lets hope I remember. This is the first time flying out of Nashville, its the busiest time of year and I was on my own so I wanted to make sure I had plenty of time to catch my 7:45 flight. All was going well until I went to check in when the self service machine told me I had to see the gate agent for my seat assignment because I didn't have a seat. Ummm, excuse me. I'm not on a stand by ticket, the seat has already been bought and paid for. I stood there for a couple minutes but everyone was so busy I just continued on with checking it. Completely forgetting to check my bag in or even see if I could change my seat. Panic set in again, what in the crap was I going to do. I had a plane to catch and a layover with another plane to catch. Finally I was heading through security when of course my bag had to be searched, oh dear lord what else on earth could happen this morning. I made it to my gate and asked about my "not having a seat" the kind gentleman explained to me that my connecting flight in ALT hadn't opened up yet so the system was unable to allow me to select a seat or sign me one. Ok so that made so much more sense and I able to stop panicking. Wow it'd been a morning and it was just barley 6am. The sun was coming out though and Starbucks was calling my name. Not before a quick Airport Bathroom Selfie of course.
Finally back at my gate I enjoyed my cheese danish while waiting to board my flight. I was exhausted and could wait to catch a couple hours of sleep until I realized it was only a 35 minute flight. We arrived in ALT with just over a hour to spare before my next flight took off. Landing at terminal E having to ride the Sky Train to terminal A which was mmmm only 5 terminals away. Not to mention the long walk to get to the Sky Train. I was hungry, tired, my bags were heavy, I was hot and I needed to get my seat assigned first. Goodness grasiou what a morning it had been. Finally getting to my gate and getting a seat I didn't even think twice about it when the kind man gave me my ticket. I grabbed something to eat from a non-fast food place (seeing's I've completely given up FF with the hubbs is gone) and sat down to eat. This creepy man came over asking about my boots and was trying to feel the thickness of them. Seriously dude, you want to ask before you go touching something that someone is wearing. It made me so uncomfortable, and then he just stood there for what seemed like 10 minutes, awkward moment of the day for sure. 
We all boarded the plane, and I quickly figured out how many people work the checked baggage system and get out of paying for their bags. Pack a carry on roller back as though your going to carry it on and then at the gate take them up on the gate check to "help" save over head space. Seriously about 20+ bags were dropped and tagged at the gate with no service fee charge. You can't tell me at least half if not more of those people didn't have a plan. 
Walking down the aisle to my seat I knew I was in the back by the seat number but I didn't think I'd be the very last freaking row. I should have known that was going to happen. At least the seat still reclined a good bit. Again expecting to now get some good sleep the fight attendant announced they were going to be showing a movie I had been wanting to see. Dolphin Tales 2, call me a kid but I saw the first one and just though it was to cute. Only down fall was I forgot my head phones in my car. I even reminded myself to get them when I parked and still forgot. So I splurged and paid the $2. that Delta was charging for them. Seriously I remember when they were free, well that and when you didn't have to pay for checked bags. My how times have changed. I did manage to get a hour or so of sleep after the movie. 
We arrived in PHX about 25 minutes early, so I was able to get my bags and head outside before my Mother-in-Love arrived. In tow with her was one of the hubbs Aunt and our two nephews who I hadn't seen in forever. Finally after a crazy morning I had made it and felt like I could really start to relax and enjoy the Holiday. 

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Katie said...

Merry Christmas Girly! Have a great time!!!