Friday, December 5, 2014

My 1st & 2nd Swirlz Experience

Ive always wanted to try out the Tag It Art place in Cola, when we were living there but never got around to it. So when a couple co-workers suggested going I was all over the idea. Girls night and trying something new I'm in!!! 
We looked through the online gallery calendar to see what painting we wanted to do and came to the decision on a pretty yellow flower painting. It looked simple and easy enough for our first go around. Well lets just say looks can be very deceiving, it was anything but easy when it came down to the flowers. And there were a ton of them we had to do. Of course the instructors make it look so so easy and I'm left sitting there like 5 steps behind. We laughed, joked around, had to have the instructor give us a little one on one assistants, drank a little and of course acted out a little. We had such a great time and were already talking about going back again. These two girls are so sweet and I'm glad I've gotten the chance to meet them both. 
Well Amy and I were long over due for another girls painting night. Sadly life has gotten in the way and Gill has had to move back home for a little while :( We are all so so sad. With Christmas right around the corner it was a given we had to do a Christmas themed painting. Seriously who doesn't love the Grinch?!?!? The hand was actually already stenciled on, so of course this had to be way easy. Much more promising then the 1st time around right?!?! RIGHT!!!! NOT. Of course the background was easy till you got into the tight skinny corners. We didn't realizes all the little detail that was actually in the painting. Talk about tediousness. But we managed, a little bubbly and lots of laughs. We were both complaining through the evening and taking it out on the painting. No way we were painters, artist or such, but once we finished we were already looking to see which one we wanted to do next. 

I had the perfect place right in our entry way to hang it up. I just switched out a Hawaiian print I had hanging. I absolutely love it. Its so fun and cute!!! 

Stay tuned for a 3rd trip here soon!!!! :) 


Stephanie said...

We did Swirlz when we there. So fun, and those women leading were a hoot.

Sarah said...

Your paintings are so good! I can't believe you ever said you aren't good at it!