Sunday, December 7, 2014

My Saturday

With only two local Craft shows left of the season, (that I knew of at least) I was looking forward to a day of shopping and holiday fun. After a early morning chat with the hubbs I tried to go back to sleep but the pups had other plans. Dingo needed to go outside but I was so comfy in bed. Finally 8-ish rolled around and I figured I'd just give in. I let them outside and started making some breakfast. Half way though Dingo was having a fit to come in, go figure right. Then Bailey started at the door as well. When I let her in she didn't smell so great but I couldn't figure it out. Next thing I know I looked over at Dingo and noticed he was covered in mud and poop. (its been raining all week, so our backyard is super muddy) It had to of been on Bailey I just couldn't tell because of her coloring. I quickly kicked them outside while I figured out a plan. It was freezing cold out, they needed a bath and I was hoping to head out the door with in the next 30 minutes or so. I put on my shoes, grabbed some towels, shampoo and went for it. The stupid water hose had so many kinks in it, 50 feet of mess. I stretched it all the way out in the yard through the mud and finally got it working. Needless to say the puppies were not so happy with me after I was finished washing them. But hey the feeling was mutual. My hands were freezing, my shoes and pants were soaked from the knees down. Not the way I wanted to start the day. Thanks to them trampling through the house the floors now needed a quick mop over. 
Eventually I was dressed and headed out the door to check out the holiday craft shows. I didn't even get all the way out of the neighborhood when I realized I left my wedding ring on the kitchen counter.   As crappy as it sounds I didn't want to turn around and go in to disturb the pups. Stop one, after I finally found it was a complete let down. $1. admission should have been a given. I literally walked in walked around and left. I headed over to the High School were the other one was being held, I figured it had to be better. I mean HS's generally do a pretty good job at putting them on. I should have known again with $1 admission that it was going to be a disaster. I didn't even walk around the whole thing, it just wasn't worth it. So much for my day of shopping. Nothing like a little trip to Target to turn my day around. I never leave there empty handed and always come out with more then I went in with. I had to run in Kohl's for a gift for my Father In Love and the guy at the register must have been having a really good day because he was just beside himself that I had to wait in line to simply purchase one item. I wasn't complaining though, even better after he decided to given me a discount on top of the sales item I was already purchasing. Score!!! A local Thrift / Antique store here  had posted pictures up on FB a few days back of some Fiesta Ware one of the booths had in. With my love of all things Fiesta I really wanted to go check it out to see if there were any pieces I didn't have. But I was just there last Saturday, and it wasn't exactly on my way home either. Decisions Decisions!!! I figured what the heck not like I have any thing to loose, I'll go in just check out that booth and head out. Thankfully I did, there was a beautiful orange over sized large serving bowl that was perfect. I didn't have a piece like that and for $40 it was a complete steal so I had to get it. My day of shopping was turning around. I headed home to check on the pups knowing I'd be heading out later that afternoon for a little girl time with my new friend Sarah. We met up a few hours later at a local Pottery Painting Room to try our hand at painting. I kinda had a idea of what we were going to be doing we had a very similar place in Cola. I went in not knowing at all what I wanted to paint when Sarah mentioned doing something for her sister as a gift. Hello light bulb, I still needed a gift for the In-Loves and what better thing then a hand painted platter. It would be great because then we can use it for Christmas dinner. I can't pick it up till next Saturday once its been fired and finished but I'll be sure to share a picture when I do get it. I had such a great time chatting with Sarah and getting to know her more. I've been attending church with her and her little family over the last couple weeks and its been a great addition to my weekends. I can't thank Kate (at Kate Tell's Stories) for connecting the two of us!!! Moving's a struggle but I'm finding my grove and getting out there when I can. 
On the way home I made one last stop at BB&B for a little gift looking. Having a brother who lives in the same state as your family makes shopping so much easier. Another gift purchased and checked off the list. Best part is I had two coupons expecting to only be able to use one, I was waiting to see which one would give me a better deal when the cashier said she would run them both SCORE!!!! My day was complete and it was still early, only 5:30. I had though about going to the local Christmas Parade and Tree Lighting Ceremony but it was so chilly out and still a bit ugly from all the rain we've been having so I decided to call it a night and headed home. I made a yummy quick dinner and enjoyed a glass of wine while watching some Netflix. This Apple TV over Cable has really grown on my over the last 6 months, were has it been all my life!!! My Saturday in a not so little nut shell, I guess that's what happens when you haven't blogged in what seems like ages.

Of course a post wouldn't be complete complete with out a few random pictures!!!  
I did drive pass Public Square and snapped a picture of the downtown Christmas Tree. Such a beauty!
I picked up this fun mug at Target, I got myself one during black Friday shopping with a T on it and loved it so much I had to get the hubbs one. The Orange FiestaWare bowl I got. I took a picture next to our bread bowl to send the hubbs for a size comparison. 
And just a little Sunday Morning Selfie before heading out to Church this morning!!! 
Here's to hopping back on the blogging bandwagon and getting back into the swing of things!! 


whit | Black Little Button blog said...

i was eyeing up one of those cups at target too! glad you got one for yourself! :)

Sarah said...

I'm so glad we got to go!!! I've been meaning to blog about it every day since Sunday but I'm so behind with my blog. Maybe tomorrow!