Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Meet Rosie!!

Being my first year as a preschool teacher I've had my challenges for sure but I've had some great times as well. Its still a work in progress every day but I'm managing. I'm always open and looking for new and fun ideas and suggestions to keep the kids engaged and interested. 
I decided to jump on the Elf on the Shelf band wagon. 
We read the book Monday morning and then....
Our Elf was "delivered" to class on Monday, December 1st from Santa. Included was a letter explaining who she was and what she was sent to do. I decided to include the other preschool class in on it since we some what share a room. (our room's are divided by a half wall) I knew they would have a blast with it. We got all the kiddos together and after much deliberation they decided on a name. 
Monday, Dec 1st - So please meet Rosie our Elf. 
Tuesday, Dec 2nd - Rosie swinging between our rooms. 
Wednesday, Dec 3rd - She got into the paint. 
Thursday, Dec 4th - Rosie left a note on the chalk board. 
Friday, Dec 5th - Feeding the baby 
Monday, Dec 8th - Just doing a little finishing. 
 Tuesday, Dec 9th Rosie decided to have a little fun with the toilet paper. 
(the 4 year old class, oops)
 Wednesday, Dec 10th - Rosie's just hanging around. 
Thursday, Dec 11th - Rosie went on Strike for the day, we had a ruff day yesterday. 
Friday, Dec 12th - Rosie came back and decked the bathroom. 
Monday, Dec 15th - Rosie brought magic seeds back from the North Pole for the kiddos to plant and watch grow. 
 Tuesday, Dec 16th - Trying to build a Snowman with Marshmallow's. 
 Wednesday, Dec 17th - Climbing the walls, I feel you Rosie. Sometime they make me wanna climb the walls and get out to. 
Thursday, Dec 18th -  Rosie made a snow angel with flour & glitter (not my doings) and as I was cleaning up before nap time, some how a flour fight started and it was every were including all over me. The kids had a blast and really enjoy it, we got lots of laughs out of it. 
Friday, Dec 19th - Rosie copied herself and them plastered the pictures all over the classroom and then hung herself from the ceiling!!! 
Monday, Dec 22nd - Rosie had a little fun with the stickers over the weekend. 
Tuesday, Dec 23rd - Rosie brings a note to the kiddo's letting them know she's heading back to the North Pole and she wont be here when they return from Christmas break but not to worry she'll be back next year. 

Thankfully since I'm doing this at school we don't have to worry about the weekends and it makes my life so much easier. Because lets face it sometimes I'm having to wait till after 6pm for all the kids to leave before I can move the stupid thing. They enjoy it and so that makes it all worth it right. I don't know that its something I'd do if we ever had a kid though. 
Still fun and another way to get into the Holiday spirit.

Until Next Year!!!! 


Pamela said...

LOVE the flour/snow angel!!! I bet the kids loved that!!

Stephanie said...

That is so creative! Great ideas!

Katie said...

So stinking cute!!!

My Traveling Troop said...

Adorable! I have a kindergartener and truly appreciate the effort teachers go to in order to make the holiday season festive and special for the kids.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!


Jenny @ Creatively Blooming said...

Cute! This was our elf's fourth year with us, and I changed things up. I wasn't sure how the kids would do with it, but they really enjoyed the acts of kindness that Snickers suggested!

AiringMyDirtyLaundry said...

Great ideas here!