Sunday, November 1, 2009

Yummy Yummy in my Tummy

A trip to Texas can not be complete with out loads and loads of yummy food. Hawaii doesn't have near the variety that Texas dose. From the greasy fast food places to the sit down kick your feet up & have someone wait on your restaurant. Coming back and eating at some of my favorite places was one thing that I was really looking forward to :)

First stop of course was SONIC, love love me some Cherry Vanilla Dr. Pepper w/ easy ice.

Not to mention Chick~Fil~a & there sweet tea.

Braums has the best peppermint ice cream I have ever had & lil. Robert just loves the chocolate.

OTB (On The Border) is a must stop, chips & salsa please. I could eat there every day of the week almost.

No Frills Bar & Grill you can never get enough of that, talk about some greasy food. Man is it awesome though, I remember my dad always taking us there when we were younger and we though it was the coolest place to eat.

Texas Roadhouse is another one of my favorite place's to eat at, I don't know what it is about eating there but I just love it. Even better when you have a great friend to wait on you. lol (love ya Kari)

Nothing beats some good Italian food like Olive Garden, between there bread sticks
and salad I could have a meal right there.

You can't come to Texas and not eat at Babe's Chicken....all you can eat veggies along with the worlds best chicken tenders awh, they are to die for. Not to mention the cute little stores that are there as well.


Jess said...

How do you eat all that and not gain weight? :)

I'm so glad you are having a great time!

Annie Banannie said...

OMG...mainland restaurants are crazy good!! Enjoy it all!! :)