Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Tour / Tourist ???

Today I had the chance to be a tour guide & a tourist right here were I live. I am always seeing new sites here in Hawaii that I have not seen yet as well as learning new things. Having Jared's parents here for This week has been fun, we have managed to make a trip to the Swap Meet, The Dole Plantation, North Shore, Haleiwa Town, Pearl Harbor / USS Arizona Memorial (my 2nd trip there), Waikiki Aquarium, International Market Place and we have even made a drive down Dillingham. Sunday we had breakfast from Kona's Pancake house and lunch at Jimmy Buffet's. It's been so much fun showing them around and we (they) still have so much more to see. Tomorrow we are making our way to Kualoa Ranch for the morning and The Macadamia nut farm, then back to the Swap Meet for another walk around the Aloha Stadium.
I can't wait for more fun to come with them being here :) They are the sweetest people ever and I love how close Jared is with his parents. It just makes my heart melt. Only one more day to Thanksgiving and we are going to be cooking a feast at The Gabriel House hold aaaahhhh, I can't wait

"Our new friend Mr. Turtle :)"


Annie P. said...

Is this his parents first time visiting Hawaii? They're lucky to have you as their tour guide :) You're giving them a trip/Thanksgiving to remember!!

Baby Wanted said...

Sounds like you all are going to have a fun time together. There is so much to see in Beautiful Hawaii and I'm sure they are enjoying having you as their tour guide!