Thursday, November 5, 2009

Lunch Time

I always feel like a kid again when I go eat lunch with my little cousin Shae. She is so much fun, I love sitting there and listening to all of her and her little friends talk back and forth about their day and what is going on. When I lived in Texas I would try to make it out to have lunch with her once ever other week or so just because I know she really enjoyed it. So of course that was on my to do list while I was here. I can not believe she is in 5th grade already this year. Seems like last year she just started kindergarten. Before I know it she is going to be in high school dating so guy and the off to collage. Ugh, the one thing I hate about living in Hawaii is missing out on everything here in Texas with my family. But one day we will move back and really be able to start our life here together and I CANT WAIT FOR THAT DAY!!!!!!!!!!!!

................................My other cousin lil. Robert is in preschool right now and so he only goes half days, so he was able to go with me one day to have lunch with Shae. He was super excited about going to the "big kid school", he will be going there next year so it was neat for him so see alittle bit of how things work when you go to school all day.

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