Monday, November 9, 2009


Late Saturday night I made my way back into the land of Aloha. Greeted by MY ONE AND ONLY TRUE LOVE w/ a Beautiful Purple Rose & My Anniversary gift a new video camera.
(he was videoing me as I walked up to him, what a goof)

We made our way back to the house after lugging the loads of bags I had. Finally back home, I was greeted again by the pups whom I missed so much. Gabe worked so hard the whole time I was gone to keep the house clean and he did such an awesome job.
Sunday was a fun filled packed day that included returning the new cell phones Gabe had bought and then getting new ones again. Lunch at Subway, after standing in the PX forever smelling it I just had to have me a sandwich. Then off it was to the commissary. We needed food. lol After putting everything away and reorganizing the pantry we quickly got changed and headed out the door again!! Stop number one was Yumiko & Johns baby shower. It was great to catch up with her and Crystal @ the shower even though it was short lived due to us having to make a quick get away to have our pictures taken.
We met up w/ Jenn whom I met via Face book and off to Dillingham it was. A few hours later and we were on our way back to the baby shower. We had so much fun taking pictures and just walking along the shore line together. I think it was just what we needed after 23 days of being apart. (pictures will be posted once I get them back)
We got back to the shower just as Yumiko was opening all her goodies and the guys had just enough time to enjoy alittle more of the keg. YES KEG, at a baby shower. I am guessing it was the only way she could get the guys to come and make it into a couples shower. Needless to say it was fun and we all had a blast.

A trip to Taco Del Mar for dinner was a must because well I was just to tired to even cook anything.

I am so happy to be back home with Gabe, its the best feeling in the world to have him wrap his arms around me and tell me how much he loves and missed me while I was away.
AWH..........The life of living in Hawaii......I love it and I hate it.

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Annie Banannie said...

Sounds like a busy busy first weekend back...glad you made it back safely :)