Friday, November 13, 2009

warm & gooey inside

Walking through Target on our day off from work, I was just over joyed with all the Christmas decor. Trying to decided just what we want to set up in our house this year. I know we want to get a tree & a few other things but I still am not ready to go all out and buy a mass amount of stuff, so we will be keeping it quiet simple if I do say so.
As we were heading to check out I had the urge for some Hot Cocoa, it goes great with the Holiday season. Its not nearly cold enough here in Hawaii for it to warm you up but I still love it. We managed to find several different kinds but I just want the plain and simple coco with the mini marshmallows inside. SCORE!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I got to thinking AGAIN and wanted to find two GIANT mugs. You know the ones that you could even eat soup out of, I just thought it would make for a great coco mug when I wanted to make some. UMMMMM, maybe sit back have some coco and watch a movie with my love. Target had none :( bummer. We were to tired to and hungry to go look any were else that afternoon so we made our way home.
Last night after we both got home from work we made our way down to Pier 1 Imports and low and behold as soon as we walked in the door there they were just staring at me. The perfect mugs I had been looking for, the ones I had in mind. They had them in red and white. I went with white because all of our other dishes are white so they will match perfect.

I was so excited, mission accomplished. I cant wait to try them out and have me a cup of "JO" lol.
It's the simple things like Hot Chocolate and Giant Cocoa mugs in life that make it so great.


Annie Banannie said...

I ♥ hot cocoa with loads of marshmallows....yummy!! YAY for jumbo mugs too!!

Baby Wanted said...

You got it right sister! Nothing beats hot chocolate with marshmellows in a big steaming cup...yum!