Saturday, November 28, 2009

Shaved Ice Hawaiian Style

A stop for shaved ice was a must when Cathy was in town visiting and I knew just the place to go. I have had shaved ice a few times since I have been here on island and just loved it but never have I been to Matsumoto's. So it was a perfect chance for us both to do something touristy. I have seen Matsumoto's on the TV show Dinners Drive Ins and Dives before as well as driven by it many times when driving through Haleiwa. So off we went, after fighting through the traffic on our drive down North Shore and some moron local that didn't know how to park we made our way to the line that wrapped around the side of the building.
I knew just what flavors I wanted Strawberry & Banana are my favorite. Cathy went for the Hawaiian Special: Pineapple, Coconut and Banana. It made for a great cool treat after all the shopping (more so window shopping) on black Friday we did.
We even got the super awesome holder to go with our shaved ice, thank goodness because I wouldn't of made it driving back to Schofield with out.
Now to take my love back for some, ummm he says it all taste the same but I have to say he is so so wrong. lol


Annie P. said...

Mmmm...shave ice is sooo ono!! My fave is li hing mui and strawberry :) Much props to you being able to drive with it...I'm definitely not talented like that...I make Allen drive (haha).

Anonymous said...

The shaved ice I know about and the holder, when Judy went in Oct. she brought home a holder and told me about it, sounds wonderful. Know you had a great time with Jared's folks, they are such great people, know they loved Hawaii. What a great way to spend Thanksgiving. I put my decorations up and the house looks so festive, just hate to take them down, what a pain. Tiffany, I am now a member of Facebook, invite me again to be your friend or do I need to invite you. I am not good at it yet, but think I can do it. When are you coming to San Antonio or did you change your mind? It is suppose to freeze tonight and maybe we will have some snow, sure it won't stick, ground isn't cold enough. Happy about your job, know you will enjoy it more with a permanent room and permanent hours.Love, NeNe I am not crazy, found the first comment I wrote, so here it comes.....sorry for the repeation, but thought I lost it...