Monday, November 23, 2009

You can't take the Texas outta the Girl

I am from Texas born and raised 22 years. I have never lived anywhere else before I moved to Hawaii, and I was so looking forward to the move. I mean come on its Hawaii for crying out load. The ocean, beach, sun all the time, no cold weather, no hail, no snow, new people, new atmosphere, my own home, the food. There was so much I was looking forward to. Once I got to Hawaii, I fell in love with it and still am to this day but the minute I went back home I realized how much I MISSED TEXAS. My family, friends, restaurants, shops, the city just everything that Texas has to offer. I am proud to say that I am from Texas and can't wait to moved back. So proud and I love the GREAT State so much that it has pretty much taken over the whole decor. of our home. So when I was in Texas and found the most amazing, awesomest bed set ever I just knew I had to have it. Of course I checked with my dearest husband first and sent him a picture of it and he said but "I am not from Texas I am from Arizona", I told him he could have the office to decorate or the upstairs bathroom in Arizona stuff. He gave in and said he didn't mind and so once again the Texas theme is moving more and more through the house.
I love our new bed set so much I thinks its super cute and works great with the house. I am so
excited about moving back to Texas soon and buying our FIRST HOME :)
(I just opened the package & put the bed set on our bed this weekend)

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Annie P. said...

You are definitely a Texas "Yeehaw" girl through and through :) And isn't it just a matter of time before all of us wifey's take over the house (decorations) anyways?!?! Hehe :) The guys don't stand a chance!