Monday, November 16, 2009

Lost in a Jungle

For our Anniversary this year we made plans to go out to Kualoa Ranch. They have many different activities that you can pick from so we went for the half day so we could do dinner that night and it not be to late.
I picked one and Jared picked the other. We went with The ATV tour, (Jared picked this one) and I picked the Ocean Voyaging tour. Saturday morning we woke up bright and early at 6:30am to it pouring down rain outside. I was panicking because the ATV tour was first. We had to be there at 8:30am and they go out rain or shine and I really didn't want to ride in the rain. Thankfully be time we got there and the tour started the rain had passed. It was still muggy out but, that didn't stop us at all from having a blast. From driving through the water puddles, up and down many trails and even stopping off to see where some past movies have been filmed, such as 50 First Dates, Jurassic Park, Lost, You Me & Dupree, so many others. I had the best time ever just riding around, the company was amazing and the scenery was just as breath taking.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~The 2nd tour of the day was the Ocean Voyage, we decided to change that when we arrived due to the ugly weather out, we didn't think it would be to pretty. So we went with the Jungle Expedition. It was so much fun we boarded a 6-wheel drive Swiss Pinzgauer and rumbled along jungle trails and up a lush, remote valley for fantastic ocean and mountain views. The adventure tour took us through isolated stream beds, power up hills and tackle rough terrain as well as going to secluded spots that overlook the windward coastline and an ancient Hawaiian fishpond.
The ride was really ruff and bumpy all the way to the top of the mountain and back down. It gave us a chance to see as well as learn more about Hawaii and its history as we road along.

After our afternoon at Kualoa Ranch we went home and took a nap the went out for dinner at our favorite place The Cheesecake Factory. Awh....I love love their food and dessert is by far the best over all.
It has been a great Anniversary, I am so happy were I am in life right now and couldn't imagine things any different. I really do think that things happen for a reason and falling in Love with Jared was definitely one of those things :)


Annie Banannie said...

OMG!! It looks like you guys had so much fun on your outdoor adventure!! Thank goodness the rain stopped long enough for you two to enjoy your day :) Congrats on 2 yrs. again!!

Baby Wanted said...

WOW, it looks like you had a blast! Both activities looked like tons of fun. Man, I miss Hawaii. I love the CK Factory too. I love their pot stickers and their peanut butter cheesecake, mmmm! Sorry I haven't been commenting. When I moved over, some of the blogs I follow didn't move over. I wanted to write and thank you for all of your sweet comments that mean so much to me and I realized your not on my blog list. :( Problem is fixed and I still get my Tiffany fix! :)

Really, thank you so much Tiff. You are so sweet and your support and love means so much to me. I hate that people are so quick to judge. Even if we hadn't been through hell,does it matter why we want to adopt? And thanks for understanding about the parent stuff. You are right, we have wonderful men who love us and we don't need them to bring us down. Enjoy every moment with Gabe!