Saturday, November 28, 2009


Friday night we thought we would do things Hawaiian style & go to a Luau. Seeing's Gabe & I had been to Germaine's luau before we wanted to do something different. So Paradise Cove it was.
We arrived & were greeted with a Mai Tai & a shell Lei, what a way to start the evening. We found our sets & started exploring the lagoon. There were so many things to do from making Lei bracelets, Haku-lei's (a lei head piece), taking a canon ride, having our pictures taken with parrots even gift shops to explore.
After the unavailing of the pig that had been cooking all day long we made our way back to our seats to get ready to enjoy the wonderful feast that had been prepared.
Dinner was so good, well the part that I had was but Jared told me everything else was pretty good as well.

The show began and it was the most spectacular show ever. Sitting there with My Loves arms wrapped around me keeping me warm, just gave me chills up my spin & butterflies in my stomach. He is the most amazing person ever and always will do whatever he can to make sure I am enjoying myself and having a good time. :)
The evening was just PERFECT as we sat there & listened to the Hawaiian music and watched the dancers dancing with the sun setting in the back ground over the ocean. I just began to think that this is the best year living life in PARADISE!!!!!


Baby Wanted said...

AWE, sounds like you two had a great time at the Luau! Happy anniversary babe! It is cute that he still gives you butterflies, G does that for me too! :) Are his parents still visiting you all?

You are making me miss Hawaii so bad. I think we are going to try to go to Kauai after I graduate. We went to the big island and Maui for our honeymoon and I can't wait to see Kauai! Maybe if your there you could meet us (it won't be until I graduate in November)? :)

Baby Wanted said...

I made a mistake. We didn't go to the big island. We went to the island you are living on, lol! We did EVERYTHING there in 3 days (pearl harbor, Iolani palace, aloha stadium, climbed diamond head-that is where I had my yummy snow cone, and we toured all the military facilities) was super crazy but so much fun!

Maui is a must see, I think. I really love that island, it really is beautiful but that is my opinion. They have this road called road to hana and it was by far the most beautiful drive and awesome water.

Annie P. said...

I ♥ luau's!! What a fabulous way to spend an evening in paradise :)

Anonymous said...

I keep deleting my comment, but I know what shaved ice is, Judy, my friend was there in Oct. and brought back the holder. Know you enjoyed having Jared's folks and enjoyed showing them around. Know you are tickled to have your new job with your own room and hours. Great, glad your friend will be with you. Tiffany, I am now on Facebook, invite me again or do I need to invite you to be my friend. I don't know much about it, but am trying. Love your tree, so glad you put one up, my decorations are up and the house looks real nice. Enoy Christmas in Hawaii, probably won't happen again. Do you realize how lucy you are to be there, a true paradise and it makes it better to be with your love.....Love, Nene