Sunday, June 13, 2010

Chinaman's Hat Hike

With our two, two seater Kayaks ready to go we were on our way across the deep blue sea and making our way over to Chinaman's Hat. Crystal & I were in one and Gabe & Adam were in the other.

We figure that coming back we'd go with the guys because we'd be worn out from the hike. Making our way across the ocean to the Island was comical to say the least. Many great laughs, the start was a bit off so the guys were ahead of us the whole time and beat us there but that's ok we made it on our own still. Making our way through the waves and around the front of the Island was a blast, we were laughing and having a GREAT time. We docked our Kayaks on the shoreline and started making our way to the top. I have to say this is one of the most challenging hikes I have ever done. There is a path but not the whole way up, and it was a dirt path so having wet shoes made it slippery. Were there wasn't a path it was a rock climb up, very much like a rock wall, at points we were walking along the ledge of the cliff holding on for life hoping not to slip and fall.

We got a WEE bit dirty making our way up but it was so much fun, the nervousness of it and the challenge of not really being able to tell what lied ahead of us before we got there made it that much more rewarding once we reach the top of the 206 foot island. It was an amazing view 360 degrees all the way around, your out on this what seems to be a tiny little island that really is a pretty good size surrounded by water. It's just breath taking being up there so high and taking in such wonderful scenery. I am so grateful for the time we have had here in Hawaii, its just an amazing place to be and breath takingly beautiful at that.
The trip over was definitely a blast and I am so happy that Crystal and Adam were able to go with us. They defiantly made it a day worth remembering.

A history on Chinaman's Hat: (from google) Mokolii Island is popularly known as Chinaman's Hat because of its unique conical shape. It is said that Chinaman's Hat is the remains of a giant mo'o (lizard god).

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