Monday, June 21, 2010

Fun 'n the Sun

A wonderful afternoon at Bellow AFS with some great friends is how we spent our Sunday. We started off at the beach taking in the sun rays and the waves. We've been to Bellow's a number of times but this was the first to spend the day at the beach. It was so pretty and peaceful. There were quite a few people but it wasn't at all overly crowded. I like the different colors of the ocean as you look into the distance you can see the change depending on the depth of the sea. Its just so breath taking as well as the waves coming in.

After a couple hours of soaking up the sun we decided to walk across the street and play a round of miniature golf. I have not played miniature golf in FOREVER. The best part about it was my love bug suggested it. I love when he suggests things to do, I know it may sound silly but to me its a big deal. We totally sucked at golfing but it was a blast and another first for the hubby and I. The course was small but it still took some time to get through, lots of laughs and just enjoying a day being a kid again was great.

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