Friday, June 11, 2010

Mainland Must Haves

Our time back on the mainland in Arizona was amazing. We took it day by day and enjoyed the rather HOT weather. I enjoy visiting and spending time with the In-Loves and the rest of the family as well. This trip was filled with another first for the two of us together, as we said our final "Goodbyes" to Grandma Gabriel.

We made our way to Ikea not only once but twice and left with a few new goodies but my favorite were the giant beach towels we got. A stop at target was a must because well the two in Hawaii just aren't the same, I found a super cute new beach bag and a fancy apple slicer to go along with. We happen to come across a Bed Bath & Beyond while out and about shopping one day, I CAN NOT wait till the one here in Hawaii opens. We managed to hold off on getting anything to save on having the trouble of bringing it back but I did pick up a cute little cookie dough spoon.

Of course we can't go back and not have some of our of course. So a stop a Sonic was a must, I'm pretty sure we stopped there almost EVERY day. Chick fil a for lunch TWICE might I add, dinner at both Texas Roadhouse and On The Border. Gabe managed to sneak in lunch at Chipotles with his dad one early afternoon with out me but that's ok I forgive him.

One of my favorite outings was our late night Ice Cream dates, it was a great way for us to get out of the house after a long day of whatever it was we did and just have some US TIME. One of our sweet spots is Baskin Robbins.

We also took advantage of Fathers Day being so close and seeing's we grilled out a couple time within being there only 3 days and Gabe's dad's grill almost falling apart on the guys we decided to get him a early Fathers Day gift and a new grill it was. Gabe put it all together, we bought steaks and them all prepaired and ready to go and had a wonderful dinner with the family.

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♥ Annie ♥ said...

I love your list of mainland "must haves"....chick fil a is always on the top of my list...hehe :)