Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Grand Canyon

After numbers and numbers of trips home to Phoenix, Arizona we have never made the drive to see the Grand Canyon. I always mention going to see it after we get to PHX and have a million other plans and then there is never time. Things were different this time. Going home we had NO plans other than a Luau party with some friends and THAT WAS IT. I am normally the one to make plans for every day we are gone and make sure we make the most of our trip were ever we are going. This trip was different, I didn't want to have to rush or be on any kinda of time line or schedule so we both decided we would take it day by day. Our big excursion for the trip was FINALLY making our way to see the Grand Canyon. I was so excited, I found out about a week or two before leaving Hawaii that Gabe had never been to see it either. I guess I assumed since he'd lived in Arizona for a while he'd been there but NOPE, so it made it even more exciting.

Monday morning we got up and went to breakfast with the In~Loves & a family friend who was in town as well and then started the 3 & 1/2 ~4 hour drive. We managed to only make one stop along the drive which was nice because we got to the canyon just before noon. Making our way to the visitors center for a look around and then off to do some exploring of the canyon. We walked most of the South Rim from one end to another. Saw the sunset that evening and then went to dinner at a local cafe near our lodge which we paid $30.00 for and Gabe compared it to the chow hall back on post.

The next morning we woke up at 4AM to get dressed and head out to see the sunrise, thankfully we had bought some mini donuts at the local grocery store in the park so we had those to munch on. It was so cold I though it was winter time again and I just knew I was going to freeze my butt off. Thankfully I brought my whole suitcase with us on our little two day trip or I would have been screwed because I wouldn't have though to grab my jacket before leaving the house. Shortly after the sun came up we returned to our lodge gathered our things and were checking out to make our way back home.

We had an awesome time and now we can both say we have been to see the Grand Canyon. I love taking road trips together and can't wait till our next one.

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♥ Annie ♥ said...

What a beautiful memory for the two of you to make before the deployment :)