Monday, June 28, 2010

PillBox Hike

After attempting our hike again from the day before when we got rained out and it happen again I was a bit frustrated. I wanted to make this weekend special get out and really enjoy the island as we always love doing. I was determined to see the world from above one way or another.

Back at home looking through my wonderful Oahu Revealed book and coming up with nothing made for a very sad girl. While I was on one computer the hubby was on his googling away trying whatever he could to try and make my day better.
Finally he had it, a hike in Kailua but that's all I got. Off we went driving along, we did great didn't get lost at all.

Parked at the start of the trail head right near the Golf course, I still had no idea were the heck we were going. All's I could tell was that were ever it was it was going to have some breath taking view and I was so EXCITED.

The Pillbox it was, I had to ask Gabe what they were used for and why they were called the Pillboxes. I'll let you guess it, another history lesson was given. Once we reached the top it was just like I had expected a breath taking view over the ocean looking down Kailua. The ocean was amazing, the weather was breath taking and the sky were blue and clear as ever. The best part about it all was that I was there enjoying each and every second with the love of my life. Nothing could take this moment away from us at all, it was the best day ever. He totally saved the day and made ever ounce of sweat worth it.

~~The start of the Trail head going up~~

~~It was pretty spectacular~~

~~One of the Pill Boxes~~

~~Enjoying the view with my love~~

~~~After making our way up and then back down~

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♥ Annie ♥ said...

This is our favorite hike on the island for the view alone. It seems to be one of the few places I can really clear my head.