Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Artsy Fartsy Board

Its teacher work week at school right now, we start the school year on Monday. I'm excited for this journey ahead and what's to come. We have been getting our classrooms cleaned and ready for the first day of school this week. I haven't done much in the decorating department yet, we've been cleaning and organizing the last two day. Oh and putting up our bulletin board. 

For some reason this one gave me more trouble than any of the others in the past. I put the wording up 3 different times and took it down only to put it back up. Some of the letters are still slanted but you know what it's ok because It's done. I'm not changing it or redoing it again. Did you catch on my to our new theme??? We are going with Frogs, they are funky, fantastic froggies and there so darn cute!!!! 

~DAY 306~


Brittany said...

CUTE! I love froggies...they're such funny little animals. We have one that lives outside on our patio...he only comes out at night and just sits there and takes everything in. It's so funny! I tell Zach that he's our only pet...so we need to enjoy him :)

Janna Renee said...

Sometimes I give up to. It looks good to me and I love the frog theme!

Breanna said...

I need to start swimming some laps :) Eric was a swimmer in school so he'd be a great teacher! Good luck with the start of school approaching! You'll do great!

Happy Weekend!