Monday, August 6, 2012

Dear Combative's You Suck :(

I think I spoke to soon on the whole combatives deal. I woke up earlier in the night and noticed the hubbs wasn't there. I figured he was in the bathroom and fell back asleep. Later in the morning I woke up right about 3am to the hubby coming back to bed. Something seemed weird as he was dressed like he had been out of the house. I asked him were he had been and he replied with "the hospital." "What why, why didn't you wake me up."  He said "I knew you had to go back to work in the morning and I wanted you to be able to sleep". (I'd been off work for the past 5 days)  Well thanks hubbs but seriously next time its ok to wake me up. Last night he was complaining of his arm hurting him quite a bit and kept rubbing it through the evening. He said it was hurting him so bad that he couldn't sleep and though something was wrong with it so he went in. 
They took x-rays and drugged him up on some meds to help with the pain, wrapped his arm tightly so it couldn't be moved and sent him home. Gosh I'm glad they took all precautions to make sure nothing was broken before sending him home. They told him they would check out the x-rays when they came back from the lab and call him later in the day. Comforting I know right. He assured me that everything was going to be alright and there was nothing to worry about. Really I don't believe that "HELLO, apparently something is wrong if you went to the hospital." They told him there could be some tiny bones that may be broken or it could be just a bad sprain. We are hoping for a sprain of course. Starting day 3 today of 5 on combatives I would hate for him to have come this far and not be able to complete the course and he would simply be crushed. His plan is to go in and do what he can and make the most of it. I'm just hoping that its nothing serious and he can push through like the champ he is. But on the flip side of it, I don't want him to hurt himself any worse. 

UPDATE 1 - He went in to class and ended up taking the ace bandage off after talking with the instructor and continued training. I was glad, the pain must have subsided enough were he could fight.
UPDATE 2 - He completed the final fight on Wednesday, he is now Combatives Level 2 certified.  
UPDATE 3 - He had a follow up on Thursday with the doctor. At this point his arm wasn't hurtting at all. Nothing came back on the x-rays so we are left assuming it was just a bad sprain. Better than it could have been, but still doesn't set well with me that he is already itching to get level 3 certified.  

~DAY 298~

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Bri Tomlin said...

Sounds like my husband when he was in the middle of getting his green belt in martial arts. "Love, my knee hurts so bad, I can barely walk." "Well, you should postpone getting the belt" ...a few days later he's sporting the dang belt and talking about doing another 40 hours for a brown belt.

Glad he's ok though!