Monday, August 13, 2012

Up before the sun!!

Nothing like getting my morning work out in before I head to work for the day! I've been trying more and more to get up early to get it done and out of the way. This way I can come home and relax after work or get things done around the house and not feel like I'm rushed to do a million things.

When do you normally work out, 
have you found a time or routine that works best for you????

~DAY 305~


Mrs. D said...

I feel the same, but then I come home from work and want to be a lazy butt! Whoops!
I get up in the AM too...its nice to get it over with and it helps me feel better through my day!
Good job on getting up this morning!!

Miranda Dvorak said...

I usually work out late at night. 9-10pm. However, I think working out in the morning before work would be better for me. It's just so dang hard to wake up early!!