Friday, August 17, 2012

Taking advantage of some FREE time.

Since I got out of work super early today (thank goodness) I decided to go ahead and get the commissary shopping out of the way. I've managed get our shopping down to once a month give or take a trip for veggies or dairy items here and there.  The hubby has started back with a new cycle as you know, so I try to keep healthy quick snack items on stock for him. His days are so busy and long that he doesn't often have time to stop and eat. A week or so ago he bought one of these "grabbers" as we call them at school. He absolutely loved them and hasn't put them down. Its like applesauce in a squeeze pack. He requested I buy them in bulk when I can. So that I did, taking every last one off the shelf at the commissary. I'm sure they though I was crazy. Another must have for him here lately has been Coconut water, apparently it helps keep your hydrated when out in the horrible heat. I haven't tried one myself but I'll take his word for it. Got to take care of the hubbs, he doesn't ask for much so its the least I can do. :) 

Also taking advantage of having gotten off work early I went ahead and made a few freezer meals. I'm trying this out for the first time this month. As much as I love cooking sometimes on long days and late nights for the hubbs its easy just to pull something right out of the freeze that's already prepared and I just have to toss it in the crock pot or oven. And its still a homemade meal and not a store bought frozen freezer box. I'll let you know how they turn out here over the next few weeks. 
Teriyaki Chicken
Savory Chicken

Baked Southwest Eggrolls 
Creamy Chicken Taquitos
~DAY 309~


Brittany said...

Can't wait to hear how your freezer meals turn out! I'm thinking I need to do that too before the baby comes. Zach and I tried coconut water a few months back and didn't like it...maybe we're just weird.

Janna Renee said...

I get the Zico coconut water and it is my FAVE. Haven't tried that one, though..

Mrs. D said...

Props to you for planning ahead. I always think of it, but never actually do it! Let me know how those turn out and share the recipes!

Kate @ Daffodils said...

I need to get on some freezer meals. It must be so nice to have them ready to go some nights!

ROXY said...

I have to try those fruit pouches. I'm hearing about them left and right nowadays.

Pris said...

the Zinco coconut water is pretty good! anf those grabbers are too :) my babies love them!