Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Nearing the End

With just days away till the end of summer classes things are getting busy. The kiddos have been in a funk for the last week or so, I think they know something is going on. We decided to make t-shirts for our end of the summer gift to our class. With only having 5 kids it made it fairly easy. They aren't perfect and I think we could have done a much better job but with the resources we have, the people I was working with I think they turned out pretty cute. 
On the front of their shirts were their hand prints along with their name, year and EDS (name of the school). I've been come super close to my kids since starting at the school back in November. They have a special place in my heart and it will be hard to see them in another class being taken care of by another teacher. I've become really close with each and every parent, the class as come a long way from when I started. They have done a complete 360 in a good way.  
On the back of the shirt is a single hand print from each of their friends, in class with their name under and our names at the bottom. I can tell its going to be harder for some to make the transition to a new class than others. In the end I know they will do fine, I'll still see them just not as much as I'd like. Thankfully I babysit for each and everyone of them so I'll be seeing them outside of school. 
I've managed to build relationship and bonds with both the kiddos and parents. For a few of the children in my class, they can say something and I know exactly what they are saying were as the new staff in the room does not. It makes me sad that their new teachers may not pick up right away on what they are trying to say or communicate. Each of them have their way to eat lunch, some don't like to paint, a few are difficult to put to sleep, or need that extra tender care. I've contemplated writing a brief summary / description on each one to give to their next teacher but really I know they will do fine. It's just sad to see them go :( It wont be the same. 
I know I'll built relationships with my new class and their parents. I'll even be sad when they move up next August a year from now. I think with this being my first class here it makes things a little more sad. We have 3 more days left, I've got lots of loven' to get from my babies!!!!! 

~DAY 299~

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Mrs. D said...

Its great to read how much you care! More students need teachers like you!