Saturday, August 25, 2012

My week Instagram style!!!

My Spouse sent me a fabulously yummy treat and congratulations note to school on my first day. She is simply the sweetest person ever!! I couldn't wait to get home to dig into this. Thank You Thank You Spouse, it totally made my day!!!!!
Monday ~Day 312~
Another yummy treat from one of my new parents. Wishing us a wonderful year ahead. I've got some great parents!!! These were so good, to bad the hubby finished them off. (its ok, bc I didn't need them)
Tuesday ~Day 313~
Working on my fitness, I've got a goal to reach and I'm determined to get there one way or another. So refreshed after a nice run with the pups. 
Wednesday ~Day 314~
A Soldier from last cycle posted this on the company FB page that I help run. It makes me proud to see that my husband is making such a difference in these young peoples lives. We laughed at the part were he said "he was a little different". lol
Thursday ~Day 315~

I spent the evening with this cutie tonight. She is a absolute doll and I miss having her in my class. Glad she has a fabulous mommy who invites me over to hang out. She fell asleep in my lap as always and when I carried her to bed she snuggled up around my neck. Melted my heart!!!! 
Friday ~Day 316~
Hubby and I took complete advantage of his 4 day this weekend by driving up to Charlotte, NC. We did a bit of shopping and got some yummy goodies at the General Store inside Bass Pro. Took a trip through Ikea picking up a new planters pot. We ended out trip with a full course dinner at OTB, let me just tell you I could eat there every day. Its that wonderful!!!! We love us some Mexican food, not to mention Charlotte's a pretty nice area. 
Saturday ~Day 317~


Anonymous said...

It looks like you had fabulous week, my dear! =) And yeah, Charlotte's a pretty great place. =))

Your spouse (not husband, lol) seems like she's GREAT at maintaining long-distance friendships. It's a weakness of mine. She should blog and write a tutorial on this, haha!

Brittany said...

I looooove On the Border! And how cute are those apple cookies?! I wish I had the willpower to run like look GREAT!

Mrs. D said...

Those cookies designed like apples are too cute!!! You had a busy weekend, but so much fun! I feel ya on the goals. I kicked this sickness so it back on board with fitness. We have an OTB here and I haven't tried it yet, but definitely will now! Happy Monday!

ROXY said...

You keep yourself so busy. =) How was the edible arrangement? It looked yummy.

Kate @ Daffodils said...

That is awesome that someone gave your hubby a special shout out. How amazing!

Jamie said...

That fruit basket looks delish!

Janna Renee said...

I LOVE edible arrangements. Those and cookie cakes make my life! Yay for sticking with the working out and getting healthy! You go girl!

Bunnie said...

Love this post!!! Fruit basket looks delish!!

Have a great weekend!! Love your blog! Your newest follower!!

Xoxo Bunnie :)

Bunnie said...

Love this post!!! Fruit basket looks delish!!

Have a great weekend!! Love your blog! Your newest follower!!

Xoxo Bunnie :)