Friday, August 3, 2012

Mandatory Fun Day's - not so fun

And this is why there shouldn't be Mandatory Fun Days.....

Today our unit had a mandatory organized fun day. That right there tell's you its NOT going to be fun. When is mandatory fun, fun.....ummm negative. Everyone met up at the softball field at 1pm, there was burgers & dogs, along with a few different sides. There was the Hails & Farewells that BC & SGT Major announced, plaques were given and speeches were made. One family recently had a baby so they initiated the baby into the unit. Three fellow Drill SGT's were picked up for E7 so they had there promotion ceremony as well. I don't mind that sorta thing, I think its great that these soldiers are recognized in front of their peers for a job well done, and send offs. Then came the not so fun part, they had to play two sports. Softball & Ultimate Frisbee. Since the hubbs didn't know they were going to make everyone play he wasn't dressed to be out on the field. Thankfully we live less than five minutes away, he was able to go home and change.
His company played ultimate Frisbee first, that wasn't all that bad (of course not for me, I just sat & watched). Up next was softball, since he plays on the unit team he knows how to play now. It was fun to watch at first but then just got frustrating. There was ONE female on the other companies team out of everyone playing and let me just say she had a MOUTH. I've met her before, she was out when we were celebrating my birthday. I've seen her around the unit and other functions but its been short time frames. She was the pitcher for her company, I've seriously never heard a female soldier trash talk as much as she did and to our CO & 1st SGT at that. It was down right disrespectful and rude. When it was their turn to bat she would dance around the plate like she was pole dancing. They were only suppose to play 6 innings and be done with it. Well at the bottom of the 6th it was still a tie two / two. So the game kept going, at one point our BC came over to watch the game. DS M (the female) happen to be pitching when a few choice words came out of her mouth the BC put her in her place. Pulling her from pitcher to a baseman, blah it still didn't shut her up. It just made things worse, our whole team was over her and the game but they still had to play (insert mandatory NOT fun) because it was still at a tie. I don't think our poor CO had heard that much language at one time come from a soldier, even mine lol. I at one point asked them if they had a sock or something I could put in her mouth and they all laughed and agreed she needed to shut it. While I was sitting on the bleachers watching I called the hubbs over to the fence and told him I really didn't like her. She was now on first base dancing around our guys (my husband included) holding them, preventing them from being able to run and name calling. There's a point were its fun and then its just taken to far. I was just waiting for her to touch him one more time and I was going to walk out on the field and tell him we were leaving. I know our CO & 1st SGT wouldn't of had a problem with it either because if they could have removed her they would have. The crappy part about it was her CO was there playing as well and never did a thing. I was furious and over the entire game. Finally 2 hours later the other team score and our guys literally through their hands in the air with relief and walked off the field. We wasted no time getting the heck out of there and heading home. The whole event could have been more enjoyable but some people take things way to far and she did it for me. Having him work with females has been a adjustment and this is why. I'm not against female soldiers its just when your not use to them being in a unit and then you go to a unit that is mixed its a lot different. 
This is the result of sitting out in the sun for 4 straight hours, I guess on the bright side it will turn into a nice tan. 
When we got home there was a package on our door step. I was puzzled because neither of us were expecting anything. Hubbs unlocked the door and said "oh its for you". I was completely caught off guard when I saw who it was from. It was from the lovely Annie all the way from Italy :)  I've truly been blessed with the friendships I've made since becoming a Milispouse. No matter the distance, the time we talk, we are always able to pick up were we left off. I've known the beautiful Annie for almost 5 years now, I've know her the longest out of almost all of my Hawaii friends. She truly has a warm giving heart and is always there willing to help and lend a hand were ever she can. We didn't spend as much time together in Hawaii as we would have like, with life, deployments, family, traveling there just is never enough time. I'm so grateful that we have been able to stay in touch over the years and even since we have both PCSed from the Land of Aloha. She is someone I can turn to with just about anything and she's full of advice and suggestions no matter what it is. I can only hope that our friendship continues to grow as the years go on.  
Inside the box was a lot of love from Italy for the kitchen. I can't wait to try some of the goodies out that she sent. The hubbs has already dug in tried a few things. I've never cooked with any of these items either so it should be fun trying out a few new recipes. She truly brightened my day after being out at our unit function all afternoon. I'll never for get our time in Hawaii, it was by far the people we met there that made it so wonderful. We've made some life long friendship that I wouldn't have if it wasn't for being apart of the Army life. 

 Annie, you are one of the sweetest people I know. 

~DAY 295~


Brittany said...

what an AWESOME package! i bet that was a great surprise! hoping your sunburn turns into a nice, pretty tan :)

Janna Renee said...

This is why I don't go to those things...I seriously can't take that nonsense from soldiers or spouses. There is one that they won't even introduce me to, because she's so ignorant. Yay for fun packages! That is awesome!