Wednesday, August 1, 2012

BCT Family Day

 Family Day for BCT August 2nd 2012 -Prior to the ceremony starting all of the family members and friends gather in the bleachers patiently waiting to be reunited with their loved one. The families gather at the Graduation field for a short ceremony and briefing on what the soldiers can and can't do during the day. After a few words from the Battalion Commander and him asking "DO YOU WANT TO SEE YOUR SOLDIER" twice, finally you see smoke coming from the wood line at the back of the field. From there you see hundreds of young men and women running towards the bleachers. The families were so excited they started screaming, yelling and stomping as loud as they could. It had been a long 10 weeks since they've seen their loved one. For many of them this was the first time they've ever left home for this long. (boy are they in for a lot, being a military family now) It was a awesome experience for sure and I'm glad I was able to be apart of it. 

They quickly rushed up and stood information while the BC said a few words to them

 The entire battalion graduates tomorrow, all 6 companies which makes a total of about 1000 soldiers. Here is Delta Company (our company) right before & during changing from their PC to their Beret. This was something I didn't know they did during the ceremony. Although makes sense because you always see them walking around on post on Wednesday's with their Beret on.

It wasn't much longer that the families were crowded down around the field searching for their SIT. I was there with a fellow Army Spouse who was also a volunteer on the Delta fb page. We went down to say hello and meet some of the families we had been talking to on line for the past several weeks. It was neat to finally put a face to a name in person. 

Normally the Soldiers & their families have to stay on post for family day. They have the option to go to the PX, water-park, movie theater, restaurants, parks, lakes, mini-golf, there are several other activities and things to do on post but the Soldiers aren't allowed to leave post. They have to be back at their Bay by 9pm that evening as well & families aren't allowed to stay. Now back up to Yesterday about 5:45pm (Tuesday) the power on all of FT. Jackson went out and still was not restored in many areas till late Wednesday night. This being said the BC through a big surprise out there to everyone, even the Company Commanders & 1SGT's. He gave them a OFF POST PASS for the day. The crowd went WILD when he announced this, Sarah (the girl I was with) and I just looked at each other like are you kidding. There's a lot that goes in to the SIT having a off post pass and when the DS aren't prepared for it things could go bad. It made since though, I mean what the heck were they going to do for 11 hours when most everything on post was closed.
Down on the field we were talking to the CO asking him if they knew anything about it and he him self was in shock. The SIT were so excited, they found out as their families found them and told them. What a wonderful unexpected surprise. While talking to the CO I asked him were the hubbs was because I had still yet to see him during the ceremony. HE HAD NO CLUE, really you don't know were my husband is, isn't he one of your Drill SGT's ???? I called him to find out were he was and he was back at the wood line, he was one of the ones that through out the smoke. He didn't know that's what he was going to be doing till he got there and they pulled him for it. I told the CO, all at once it clicked, "oh right that's were he is. duh!!!!!"
I'm looking forward to graduation tomorrow, this is the end of our first cycle so this is all new to me. 
1 down and ruffly 9 to go till April 2014. 
~DAY 293~


Brittany said...

Looks awesome! All that smoke makes it look like a Civil War battle field. I know you must be SO proud of your hubby!

Janna Renee said...

I stayed in a cabin on Ft. Benning (super cute, by the way), so we went to a pool and then had some "us" time, if you know what I'm sayin'...haha. He told his family not to come, and I think that's because he wanted me all to himself ;)