Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Getting Creative & Family

Balloon Birthday Wreath.
Isn't this the neatest thing ever ?!??! It's so much cuter in person. The same girl that made our Infantry wreath made this for a girl I work with. She's going to use it for her son's 2nd birthday coming up next month. I picked it up for her today since she lives on post near me. I kinda wanted to keep it for myself it was so cute. lol. Can't wait to go to little Coleman's birthday here in a few weeks. 

In other news my Father in Love & his dad (the hubbs grandpa) arrived this afternoon. They are only here for a couple days but just in time to see Graduation. This is kinda neat for both Jeff (FIL) and the hubbs because his dad to was a Drill SGT during his time in the army. So listening to them compare their stories and how things have change is interesting. The two of them are both really close and I know he is excited to have his dad here with him. I always enjoy having the In Loves visit us were ever we are. They are the sweetest people in the world, I really lucked out in that department and couldn't have asked for better. I only wish that his mom was able to come as well, but she had to work. 
Today was also my Friday at work so that's exciting, looking forward to a long 5 days off with my love!!!! 

~DAY 292~


Jamie said...

That wreath is so cute!

Janna Renee said...

That is so cute! Sometimes the easiest, though tedious, projects are the best!