Sunday, July 29, 2012

Instagram Weekend Review!!

I received our ACU / Infantry Wreath on Friday that I had made from a girl here on post. I absolutely LOVE it!!!! (I might change the name tape out to black letters, thoughts???)
Came home from work to the hubby curled up on the couch. I pushed aside the urge to join him, so the pups & I could get our run in.
It's a Zumba kinda morning here in the South, before & after totally pooped but feeling GREAT!!
Somebody had a long day at work, & I'm not talking about the hubbs lol, just kidding.
My lazy Loves!!!
I babysat Saturday night for one of my families in my class & this was her nursery. It was absolutely adorable, connected to the parents bedroom. (giant over sized closed turned nursery)
I made a trip to Sam's on Sunday to pick up a few things & they happen to have Watermelons on sale.
             YES PLEASE!!! (this is only 1/3 of it)
A few weeks ago at work a co-worker made this FANTASTIC Pasta Salad. She so kindly shared her recipe & voila lunch for the hubby & I this afternoon. I was never a fan of PS till I tried hers, it was to die for. I hope the hubby likes this one because he's always asking me to make it.
Every so often I enjoy a yummy pop-tart on my way to work in the mornings. While at the PX Sunday afternoon hubby spotted this cute little holder & picked it up for me. :) A trip to the Commissary later & we scored this giant box on sale. I wont go hungry that's for sure!!! 
While at the Commissary we were looking down the protein / health food aisle when the hubby started picking up a few of these Larabar's to try. I'd looked for them a time of two before when I went shopping but never had any luck finding them. A fellow blogger raved about them and so I'm interested to try one and see how they are!!!
We spend the rest of Sunday evening lounging around, getting things ready for the Father in Love to get here in a few days. I made a fabulous dinner that we both couldn't stop talking about and then called it a early night seeings we are both going to have a long Monday!!!
Hope you all had a wonderful weekend & a great week to come!!!

~DAY 288, 289, 290~


Brittany said...

I LOVE your wreath! So pretty! I love pop tarts too :)

Mrs. D said...

That pasta salad looks like the one I make! Do you use Italian dressing? I add Swiss cheese, salami, and broccoli! YUM just had some for lunch today!

How did the Larabars taste?

What did you end up making for dinner that turned out so great? I always need recipes!

Janna Renee said...

I want to know how those Larabars are too! A lot of those bars spike my blood sugar, but I do like the Odwalla bars!